Print Workshop Central - A New Resource Site for Fine-Art Printmaking Studios

Print Workshop Central is a new site with specialist services and resources for fine-art printmaking studios. Its objective is to empower print studios through knowledge and cooperation worldwide.

Granada, Spain, September 18, 2008 --( World Printmakers, the international fine-art printmakers' reference site since 2000, announces the creation of Print Workshop Central (, a new website designed specifically for print studio professionals worldwide. The site is both a forum designed to bring together print people from all over the world to share ideas and solutions, and an online resource center to provide them with contacts and information to enhance their operations.

"There is a current of common interest running through printmaking workshops around the world," says Mike Booth, World Printmakers founder and publisher, "but until now there has never been a medium for uniting their community, expressing their needs and points of view, or for redressing their grievances. That's what we hope to achieve with Print Workshop Central. Essentially it's about uniting a community which, until now, has hardly been aware that it's a community."

Online in a beta version since mid-June, this new Print Workshop Central initiative is also concerned with fine-art-print advocacy. "There are so many interests in the world today which are in the business of blurring the borders between fine-art prints and vulgar copies," says Booth, referring to the industrial campaign to market "giclee" copies as art prints. "Behind this trend lie the interests of massively powerful manufacturers of inkjet printers, inks and papers," adds Booth. "After years of seeing digital copies passed off as 'fine-art prints' we finally decided that someone had to take the initiative in denouncing these practices and empowering print professionals everywhere in their own defense against all forms of fine-print fraud."

Print Workshop Central's objectives include:

* Providing a high-visibility universal showcase for professional fine-art printmaking workshops, their artists and their work
* Providing these workshops with an open forum for the interchange of ideas, suggestions, best practices, and points of view
* Making creative use of the World Wide Web and the Web 2.0 to increase awareness of authentic fine-art prints among art lovers everywhere
* Offering information regarding issues of print authenticity and authors' rights
* Being a central advocacy and education center for the defense of authentic fine-art prints
* Maintaining a central register of opportunities for print workshops and arti
* And offering them a comfortable and familiar context in which to relate to, learn from and share with one another

Early response to Print Workshop Central has been positive around the world. Thus far they have signed up member workshops from the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K., Australia, Ireland, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Spain, Denmark, France, China and New Zealand.


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