Windsor Telecom Launches Unique Blog Dedicated to 03 Numbers

Windsor Telecom introduces 03 Blog - the internet's only blog dedicated to 03 telephone numbers.

Poole, United Kingdom, September 18, 2008 --( Windsor Telecom, the UK’s leading provider of memorable telephone numbers and inbound call solutions, has launched a unique blog that is dedicated to the new 03 telephone number range, in response to rapidly growing interest in the numbers.

03 Blog features up-to-date news and information about 03 numbers, regular updates on the organisations that are using them – which now includes; the BBC, Oxfam and the Department of Health, alongside relevant links to 03 numbers in the media.

The new blog also examines the three main segments of the 03 number range:

• 030 numbers (0300, 0303) which are designated for public bodies, charities and not-for-profit organisations.
• 033 numbers (0330, 0333) which are for any business or organisation.
• 03 migration numbers which are available for any organisation that already possesses 08 non-geographic numbers (0870, 0845 etc.) and want to obtain the 03 equivalent. E.g. someone with 0845 130 8080 can apply for 0345 130 8080.

03 Blog also considers how the new non-geographic number range, enables organisations to smarten up the way they deal with telephone calls, by investigating the various call management features that can be added onto them, for example; caller options, call divert, call queuing and call statistics.

Additionally, the blog draws attention to the key differences between 03 numbers and other non-geographic numbers (0870 etc.) with the primary distinction being the cost to call them.

Neil Sherring, chief executive of Windsor Telecom said: “We decided to introduce 03 Blog in response to the growing popularity of 03 numbers. A major attraction is the fact that they cost the same to call as 01 or 02 numbers, even from a mobile phone. 03 numbers are also included in the free minute allocations that are offered by mobile phone and landline networks which means that calls to 03 are often free. This is especially important when you consider that, according to a recent study by Ofcom, 40% of all calls made last year in the UK were from mobile phones. 03 numbers offer all callers a good deal and many organisations are now taking advantage of the benefits that 03 numbers have to offer.”

03 numbers were launched by Ofcom in 2007 and have been introduced as an alternative to 08 business numbers (0870, 0800 numbers etc).

For more information on 03 numbers or to contribute to the 03 Blog, visit Windsor Telecom's website.

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