Graffiti Arcade Comic Anthology is a Buffet for the Comic Connoisseur

Tennessean Vance Capley has wowed comic fans world wide with the release of Graffiti Arcade published through

Columbia, TN, September 27, 2008 --( Mr. Capley had been working on various comics for individual publishers, in different styles, for several years now. "I really wanted to work on some of my own ideas. I started on this over a year ago. (I) worked on it when I got home from the day job and on weekends. "

Mr. Capley continued, "Everything is fast paced and ready to serve. Tomorrows comic fans are going to want this in their comics."

Graffiti Arcade moves quickly from a sci-fi parody to action and mystery on a still occupied Nazi island, to parody of record ads to introspective drama, back to comedy. All fully illustrated in a magazine sized format.

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Vance Capley is 36 and works in a factory by day and draws comics by night. He lives in Columbia, Tennessee with his wife and two children, of which both can draw. His book can be found at .

Vance Capley