Learn How to Make Political Buttons Using Inexpensive Office and Craft Supplies - if You Can See It on Your Computer Screen You Can Turn It Into Wearable Political Art

105-page eBook teaches you how to use office, craft, & household supplies to make political pins & earrings that say whatever you want them to say. These make today/wear tomorrow designs are easy, quick, & inexpensive to make using transparencies, tape, assorted paints, adhesives, & backgrounds of fabric, recycled aluminum foil, & foam plates. Purchase an immediate download for $5.95 from TimpyWorks.com or receive "free" when making a donation at the author's fundraising page on Obama's site.

Cumberland, WI, September 18, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Have you ever heard something on Leno, Letterman, or The Daily Show and thought, “I want a button that says just exactly that”? Well, now you can have a button ready to wear by the next time you turn on Leno, Letterman, or The Daily Show -- or certainly within a few days -- if you are willing to put on your DIY hat and get out your scissors, paints, and glue. You will, however, need some particular kinds of paints and glues.

The Frugal Jeweler – Political Junkie Jewels is the third eBook in The Frugal Jeweler series from TimpyWorks.com. The 105-page book teaches you how to convert digital images into wearable art such as pins, earrings, and T-Shirt transfer graphics. “If you can create it and see it on your computer screen, you can turn it into some wearable political art” says Donna Grimstvedt, the book’s author. You are completely in charge, so you get to create whatever messages you wish. You can be naughty or nice. You might have something to say about a national election, or perhaps you're working hard to get a particular school board candidate elected or a local issue talked about. You no longer have to select from buttons created by others.

The book teaches you how to combine digital images printed on transparencies with specific kinds of adhesives, paints, and tapes, and with backgrounds such as fabric, recycled aluminum foil, and foam plates to create political pins and even earrings. It includes step-by-step illustrated instructions plus more than 20 pages of ready to use graphics for you to use in your own designs. “You will find at least two elephants and a couple of buttons that say McCain,” said Grimstvedt, “but since I’m a progressive you’ll find mostly left-leaning designs. I made no attempt at being fair and balanced.”

You can order an immediate download of The Frugal Jeweler – Political Junkie Jewels at TimpyWorks.com for $5.95. Until the author’s personal fundraising goal of $2,250 is reached, you can also receive a complimentary copy of the eBook when you make a donation of any amount at the fundraising page Grimstvedt set up on Senator Obama’s campaign website: http://my.barackobama.com/page/outreach/view/main/FrugalJewelryforObama

Donna Grimstvedt
Review copies of the eBook are available to members of the media upon request.