New Absolute Pitch Development Training will be Presented in Berlin

Berlin, Germany, September 19, 2008 --( Berlin will host a new revolutionary training focused on perfect pitch development. A three-day intensive workshop entitled “Direct Audio Perception and Absolute Pitch Development” will be presented by a Danish company Oriole Independent Artists and will be held from Friday till Sunday October 3-5, 2008 (urbanstr.116 / 2.HH, aufgang 5, 1.OG links 10967 berlin – kreuzberg).

The aim of the workshop is to explore the mechanisms of one’s personal music perception, to learn to listen differently, to stimulate one’s creativity and, ultimately, to lay a solid foundation for absolute pitch acquisition; all this independently of one’s current level of musicianship and age.

“About 80% of workshop attendees are usually professional musicians and musical students,” says Katja Keller, the creator of the method and the workshop’s instructor. “The rest is a wide variety — amateurs and people interested in exploring their own world of perception. We’re seeking to attract a diverse group of participants who are willing to cross the boundaries and to increase the degree of their awareness in the audio space.”

During the training on the absolute pitch development, participants will master various techniques, which will help to recognize and to recall the musical notes, to develop ear sensitivity, to improve music memory and to use applications of absolute pitch to a full extent.

Absolute pitch, widely referred to as perfect pitch, is the ability of a person to identify or recreate a musical note without the benefit of a known reference.

Katja Keller is an experienced musician, composer, producer, Oriole Independent Artists founder and workshop provider. She holds Master of Arts in music and musicology (maitrise de la musique et musicology, La Sorbonne Paris IV; Cand.Mag. i Musik from the University of Copenhagen), and graduate of the Danish Alternative Conservatoire of the rhythmical music (Copenhagen).

Free presentation of the workshop will be held on Wednesday, October 1, 19.30, urbanstr.116 / 2.HH, aufgang 5, 1.OG links 10967 berlin – kreuzberg.

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