Gas is the New Currency for Electric Happiness

VideoTaggerâ„¢, a Software Application that Creates Movie Credits, is Being Sold for the Daily Rate of 4 Gallons of Gas.

Hoboken, NJ, September 20, 2008 --( Over the last two centuries, precious metals, sea shells and dollar bills have all been used as currency. It could be said that this century’s definitive currency is gasoline. One company, Electric Happiness LLC, is now offering its software product VideoTagger™ for the price of 4 gallons of gas. announced that VideoTagger™, a software application that creates movie credits for personal and professional movies on both PC and Macintosh computers, is going to be offered to the public at the current market rate of 4 gallons of regular gas. The price of VideoTagger™ will be updated every 48 hours to reflect the lowest price of regular gas in the company's corporate headquarters of Hoboken New Jersey, and yes, the price will be rounded down to the nearest cent per gallon.

"With the eyes of the nation on the price of gasoline, we know that everyone needs a break. So we are discounting our product, VideoTagger™, to the price of 4 gallons of gas. Our customers are going to remember the value of our product every time that they fill their gas tank.", said Electric Happiness's President Adam E. Ornstein.

VideoTagger™, is a software product that enables it's users to produce professional quality movie credits for many film destinations; from studio and independent films to YouTube shorts and it's currently priced to fit everyone's budget. VideoTagger™ simplifies the process of creating movie credits so well, that movie makers are able to make creating their credits an appropriate last thought.

VideoTagger™ helps to organize movie credits into targeted sections, with each section denoted by a title (i.e. Cast, Camera Crew, Production Staff), and a set of contributors names or roles and names associated with the section. Each section can be designed according to the creator’s preferences including the section's on-screen layout, custom fonts, images, colors and other unique features. As the first software application built from the ground up solely to create movie credits, VideoTagger™ gives users an instant preview of each movie credit section throughout it's production and has a complementary user interface that is both efficient and easy to learn. The first alpha version of VideoTagger™ was released September 16th 2008 for PC and Macintosh computers. Electric Happiness is proud to make this software product available to such a broad audience.

Electric Happiness LLC was founded with the goal of providing the first full-featured software product for creating professional movie credits that would be used by anyone from directors and video editors, to the casual movie creator.


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