Finally...Flexible Affordable Fractional Ownership

Suite Satisfraction Leisure understands the leisure market, and has introduced a far more flexible fractional model which will substantially increase the size of the potential market.

Johannesburg, South Africa, September 21, 2008 --( Suite Satisfraction Leisure has launched a Fractional model that addresses the 3 main reasons why many South African investors have not bought in to the worlds fastest growing property sector up to now. Greig Fitzell of Suite Satisfraction states that despite the current inflexible model being promoted in South Africa, Fractional ownership has still experienced phenomenal growth in the last few years. South Africans are starting to understand and see the benefits of Fractional ownership as a prudent way of investing in leisure property. However, most local promoters are residential specialists and do not understand the needs of the leisure market! Greig believes that Suite Satisfraction’s unique model will effectively double the size of the potential market here, and make Fractional ownership the fastest growing sector in the property market in S.A. in the next few years.

The 3 negatives of current offerings are 1) The rotational usage system does not allow investors to choose when they want to take their holidays. Their right of usage is determined by a fixed rotating calendar. This is especially problematic for families with school going children, who have to take their holidays during the school holiday periods, and business owners who take their annual leave over Christmas and New Year as this is when they close shop. Many investors who understand the financial benefits of fractional ownership of a holiday home, are not prepared to invest a few hundred thousand Rand, when they are only guaranteed their Christmas or New Year holiday every 13 years.

2 ) Many potential investors have previously owned outright holiday homes, and know that after 2 or 3 years of holidays in the same place boredom can set in.

3 ) Most fractional schemes offer 13 shares of 4 weeks use per year.The average South African only takes 17 days holiday a year.

Suite Satisfraction has addressed these 3 areas with their innovative model termed ‘Flexible Fractional ownership.’

Investors are not dictated to as to when they can take their annual holidays, they can choose when suits them best.

The calendar has 10 Peak weeks – which fall into the school holidays, and include Easter, Christmas and New Year. If an investor needs peak season, he purchases the exact weeks he needs. These are his guaranteed weeks each year. The other 42 weeks are called flexiweeks. With the flexiweeks, investors have 42 weeks to choose from each year ( excluding the 10 peaks ) on a book and go basis.

All investors are given automatic free membership with dae (dial an exchange) an International vacation exchange program. This allows investors to exchange all or part of their annual usage right into any of the hundreds of dae affiliated resorts worldwide.

Finally, Suite Satisfraction offers 26 shares of 2 weeks usage per year, which reduces the investment by half. Investors no longer have to purchase more time than they need. The lower entry level makes this Fractional model accessible to a much larger market.

In a nutshell – Suite Satisfraction enables you to purchase affordable and flexible fractional ownership in a luxury leisure resort, with the added bonus of your key to hundreds of worldwide holiday destinations.

Suite Satisfraction has just launched 2 exciting investment opportunities. Blue Coral 5* Hotel & Resort between Ponto d”Oura and Ponto Malongane in Southern Mozambique, where investors can either purchase a luxury fully equipped beach villa on an Outright or Fractional Ownership basis. (From R125000 per share.)

Misty Valley Game and Trout Estate in the ‘Trout Triangle’ just above Waterval Boven, where investors can purchase Fractional ownership from R46 000, or a hotel suite investment for R760 000.

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