Keyword Upgrades Made Available

USA SEO Pros makes 10 and 20 keyword upgrades available for clients.

Las Vegas, NV, September 21, 2008 --( Even after the comprehensive Emerald and Diamond packages being made available by USASEOPros, the company has made 10 and 20 keyword upgrades available to clients so that more exposure throughout search engines can happen. Increasing a previous note from a prior press release aiming for control of 1,000,000 first page placements.

Steadily increasing from the prior 876,204 first page placements that USA SEO Pros had, the company expects far more in the next ranking report. Due to the decision from company CEO's, clients are adding keywords onto their packages to gain greater exposure on a varied range of search engines.

Satindra "Sam" Ramnarine, one of the head content writers, was noted saying, "I've written up to 108 keywords worth of content. That's in the very Least 9,720 words. More if the client meets certain standards. This happens more often than not, but adding the content for 10-20 keywords is simple and brings back great results. The SEO Techs have no trouble at all adding them to the sites as well."

Customer Service, which adds the keywords has little difficulty helping the client decide what keywords would be best for growth. USASEOPros expects great things with the keyword upgrade packages that will both improve the exposure for the client. On top of that, USA SEO Pros comes closer to commanding the 1,000,000 first page placements across search engines across the client board. Expect to see more great things from USA SEO Pros as time goes on.

Steve Howe

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Steve Howe