The New Apple iPod Reviews Are In: Has User Generated iPod Reviews at Their Updated iPod Reviews Page

The release of the New Apple iPod Nano, the New iPod Touch, the New iPod Classic, and the iPod Shuffle, has promted to update their iPod Reviews Page with honest, user driven reviews of all the new iPods.

Elkhart, IN, September 23, 2008 --( "’Which is the right iPod to buy?’ a consumer may ask. That is what our updated iPod Reviews page is all about answering." Says Jeff Young, spokesman for

"The consumer coming to our site often knows they want an iPod, or some kind of mp3 player, but they aren’t sure which one is right for their needs and hearts desire. Our iPod Reviews make it easy for buyers to make the right choice among the new Apple iPods." Young said.

" has updated our iPod Reviews pages with all the new Apple iPods, including all three models of the new iPod Touch, both models of the new iPod Nano, reviews of the new iPod Classic, as well as reviews of both models of the iPod Shuffle." Said Young.

"Apple has made some great changes," Young said. "One criticism of the iPod has always been that there is no built-in speaker. The new iPod Touch now has a built-in speaker. Apple has added what they call their ‘Genius Playlist’ to many of the new iPods, a technology that allows the iPod to recognize what songs go well together in a playlist." according to the spokesman.

"At’s updated iPod Reviews page, consumers can get reviews and specifications such as these from Apple, and more importantly, buyers can read reviews from other consumers, people who are already using the new iPods. This makes the reviews honest and useful. Pros and cons, good and bad, these are reviews buyers can relate to because they come from real people." Young said.

"We often call the iPod ‘the most bling device on the planet’. It is a major event to our web site users when a new iPod is released. is determined that our reviews page be useful in helping the consumer find the bling that’s their thing." Young said. is the new shopping and gift site from Vista Virtual, LLC. The website keeps consumers up with the hottest "bling" including Razr Phones, iPhone accessories, iPods, jewelry, the latest clothing, and toys.

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