Samurai Karate Studio Holds Self Defense Seminar

Samurai Karate Studio held a self defense seminar on Saturday, September 20th from 1:00pm to 5:00pm for adults that was attended by many women and men. A wide range of topics were covered that included escaping from duct tape.

Columbia, SC, September 23, 2008 --( Samurai Karate Studio recently held a self defense workshop for adults on Saturday, September 20th, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. It was attended by several adults who lived in the Richland Northeast/Columbia area.

Sensei Feldt, the owner and chief instructor of the studio commented, "I teach these seminars several times a year." "I cover many different topics that relate to surviving a street attack."

During the course of the seminar, each student is introduced to different concepts including body language, self defense law, pre attack indicators, domestic abuse statistics, 3 main reasons attackers attack, the power of your voice, the winning mindset, 1st strike strategies, attack points and everyday common weapons.

"I try to introduce key concepts to get my self defense participants thinking about how they travel througout town and the types of things to look for", said Feldt. "Once we have gone over many of these concepts, I then introduce them to basic fundamentals like how to punch and kick correctly."

The last portion of the workshop is devoted to training on the mat and recreating realistic street type scenarios. This includes defenses against different kinds of wrist grabs, chokes and bear hugs. The workshop also includes strategies for fighting more than one attacker, as well as providing specific defenses against ground assault.

At the end of the class, students have their hands and legs duct taped and they are taught how to escape.

"I tell my students that self defense is more mental than physical", commented Feldt. "You have to outsmart your attacker in order to defend yourself and survive."

"What I love about doing these seminars, is to see the confidence my students have, particularly, the women who are very intimidated and frightened by the outside world. This workshop gives them the confidence to go about their lives and not be so afraid."

If you would like more information concerning the karate programs offered by Samurai Karate Studio or the self defense workshops, please call Sensei Feldt at 803-462-9425.

Samurai Karate Studio is located at 2000 Clemson Road, Suite # 9, Columbia, SC 29229. Or you may visit their website at

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Sensei Chris Feldt