Emerging Countries, Businesses Creating Major IT Security Demand: RNCOS

The global IT security market is growing rapidly with increasing deployment of advanced IT security systems and improving IT infrastructure in emerging economies.

Delhi, India, September 24, 2008 --(PR.com)-- RNCOS new research report “Global IT Security Market Forecast to 2012” expects the global IT security market, which includes security appliances and security software, to grow at a CAGR of nearly 16% by 2012, up from an estimated market value of US$ 16 Billion in 2008.

As per the report, IT security has evolved as a high priority area in the past few years, with a major share of the overall IT budget being spent on IT security appliances and software. Moreover, the fast developing IT infrastructure in emerging economies and rising dependence of large, small and medium enterprises, government and households on the Internet have created a huge demand for more advanced IT security solutions in the recent past. Thus, the markets for security appliances and security software are expected to reach US$ 4.09 Billion and US$ 11.6 Billion respectively in 2008.

Further, business and corporate across many sectors, including finance, retail and telecommunication, are deploying advanced IT-enabled solutions to enhance their output and to stay updated with the rapidly changing global IT industrial trends. These changing business practices have greatly contributed to the development of distributed corporate structures and computer networking within organizations, making modern IT systems more vulnerable to security attacks. Due to rising security risks for modern IT systems, the global IT security appliances market is expected to surge at a CAGR of nearly 27% by 2012.

Besides, the rising demand for advanced and efficient IT security appliances in the emerging countries and regions like India, China and MEA region will accelerate growth in the global IT security market.

“Global IT Security Market Forecast to 2012” gives a detailed overview on the current and future scenario of the IT security market in various countries across the world. It divides the world IT security market into two segments – Security Appliances and Security Software - to study the market thoroughly. It outlines the current and emerging trends in the market to facilitate IT vendors in identifying opportunities critical for the expansion of their business operations.

Their comprehensive research report also provides forecast on security software market, IT security market, security appliances market, IDS/IPS market, IDS/IPS shipments, UTM appliances market and anti-virus software market.

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