AmeriVault Adds Hosted Exchange to Email Service Portfolio

AmeriVault has added Hosted Exchange to its portfolio of Email Services, which include Email Archiving, Email Continuity, and now Hosted Exchange. The data protection leader is also offering discounts for bundled services (including Online Backup, Disaster Recovery, Email Archiving, Email Continuity, and Hosted Exchange).

Waltham, MA, September 24, 2008 --( AmeriVault ( – a recognized leader in data protection managed services, including remote online data backup, offsite recovery services, email archiving, and data lifecycle solutions – today announced the addition of Hosted Microsoft Exchange to its portfolio of email services.

As the most critical application for most companies, email services can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming for SMBs to manage in-house. Since the average employee is 25% less productive when email is not available, many companies are moving to a Hosted Exchange solution to ensure employee productivity and uptime.

Offering a lower total cost of ownership than in-house solutions, AmeriVault’s Hosted Exchange services feature a “per mailbox” payment structure – and discounts are available for customers that bundle Hosted Exchange service with AmeriVault’s other services (online backup, high availability, disaster recovery, email archiving, or email continuity).

Aside from the savings, bundling Email Services in particular offers SMBs added value when it comes to uptime, regulatory compliance, and e-discovery. Bundling Hosted Exchange with Email Archiving ensures a secure and robust email environment typically only enjoyed by the largest enterprises. Email Archiving ensures regulatory compliance and speeds e-discovery while reducing reliance on the inbox – reducing email storage requirements.

AmeriVault’s Hosted Exchange services are also ideal for businesses looking to avoid a lengthy implementation process, companies with limited IT resources, or smaller businesses that cannot justify implementing an in-house solution because of employee count.

For businesses that are seeking more than just simple email functionality, AmeriVault’s Hosted Exchange services offer centralized calendars and collaboration tools, robust web-based functionality for traveling employees, and seamless integration with mobile devices such as BlackBerry. Since Hosted Exchange services centralize email functions, users can have access to email, calendars, and collaborative tools regardless of their location.

As a data protection leader, AmeriVault ensures stringent security and data protection measures are in place for its Hosted Exchange services. Powerful anti-virus and anti-spam filtering on all incoming and outgoing email ensures a clean inbox. In addition, world-class Tier IV datacenters use the latest military-grade security and redundancy technologies to ensure data protection.

Automatic backups – including Exchange settings, documents, calendars, and emails – provide an extra level of data protection for customers. In addition, since AmeriVault’s Hosted Exchange service includes backup of email data, clients ultimately enjoy reduced backup costs.

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