Debt Shield, Inc.
Debt Shield, Inc.

Debt Settlement Clients See Faster Results

Consumers in one debt settlement program are seeing a 24% improvement in the average time it takes to get their first settlements.

Columbia, MD, September 24, 2008 --( Clients of Debt Shield, a Maryland-based debt settlement company, are seeing a 24 percent reduction in the average time it takes to reach their first settlements, according to an internal report.

The report, which Debt Shield Finance Director Karen Hauck said is designed to continually measure service performance, includes first settlement timeframes analyzed between April 2006 and June 2008.

"Our negotiators are able to reach debt-reduction settlements for our clients more than two months sooner, and that's a significant improvement," said Hauck. "That's real results that you can bank on, literally."

The report shows Debt Shield's time-to-first-settlement metric has improved each year for the past three years, indicating a solid track record of performance for the company. The company has also enrolled more clients in the first quarter of 2008 than ever before in the company's history, a fact Hauck attributes to the weak economy and to client referrals.

"When high unemployment meets high inflation after decades of skyrocketing credit card debt, the end result is millions of people struggling and seeking help with their debt," said Hauck. "It’s no wonder that our referrals have increased by 50% over the past three years."

Hauck said the simultaneous surge of enrolled clients and decrease in the time it takes for the company's negotiators to reach first settlements means Debt Shield is getting faster results for more people at the time they need it most.

About Debt Shield:

Debt Shield, Inc., is a debt settlement company dedicated to helping consumers resolve their unsecured debt through mutually agreeable and discounted settlements in consideration of the consumers’ legitimate financial hardships. By helping consumers avoid bankruptcy, Debt Shield provides a service for both debtors and creditors. For more information about Debt Shield, call 1-888-397-7546 or visit the website at

Debt Shield, Inc.
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