Great ExPETations to Donate 2% of all Profits to ASPCA

Cliffwood, NJ, September 24, 2008 --( Every day unspeakable cruelty and horrific suffering is inflicted on innocent animals who, other than falling victim to those who torment them, would be wonderful companions and pets. Thankfully, organizations like the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ASPCA exists to battle cruelty to animals and share resources with shelters around the country.

Recognizing that helpless, scared and abused animals cry out for help to those of us who love and care for our own pets, Great ExPETations Inc., a web-based, one-stop shopping site for pet supplies and pet related items - - announced today that, effective immediately, they will begin to donate 2% of all profits to the ASPCA. In making the announcement, company President Sherry Barger noted that Great ExPETations is committed to being a positive force in support of animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. This new commitment is in addition to Great ExPETations’ already existing close relationship with the Castle of Dreams Animal Rescue -

About GreatExPETations: Since its founding Great ExPETations Inc. has continuously pursued and expanded its mission of offering pet owners a single source for a broad array of high quality pet supplies, gift items, and apparel, while at the same time aiding, promoting and contributing to responsible pet ownership and care. Ms. Barger noted that all of Great ExPETations product selections, as well as affiliations, are guided by the principal that supporting responsible pet ownership means insisting on quality products, as well as the commitment and dedication to supporting persons and organizations who exemplify the very best models of pet care.

Through its lively and comprehensive website, Great ExPETations Inc. offers an extensive collection of innovative, useful and hard-to-find products that have been carefully chosen to meet the needs of serious and caring pet owners – who often are as concerned about making careful selections for their pets as they are in shopping for other members of the family. In this way, Great ExPETations Inc. aims to be a part of supporting and fostering that family connection.

For the Pet Who Expects the Best.

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