Get In, Get Out: New Novel by Salim Amir

A press release to bring attention to the release of Salim Amir's new novel - Get In, Get Out.

Harrisburg, PA, September 24, 2008 --( Mitanni Entertainment - an imprint of Mitanni Enterprises LLC has released Get In, Get Out - a novel by new author Salim Amir. This gritty street novel depicts the life of a young man imprisoned by a past decision and his grinding struggle to escape his karmic prison.

Get In, Get Out chronicles the life of Marquise Jackson - son of a drug-dealing father - his tumultuous journey into maturity, and the journey of a soul that is torn between what is right and what is necessary. In choosing the same life that took his father, Marquise soon realizes that once a person decides to live a life of crime it’s never as easy as they would wish to Get In and Get Out. This is the introspective story of a young man forced into manhood prematurely because of a tragedy that threatens the lives and welfare of his family. His beginning in the drug game quickly threatens to become his ending in life, and Get In, Get Out conveys Marquise’s struggle to get out of the life, before he’s claimed by the same fate that claimed his father.

“A classic…Get In, Get Out sets a standard in street fiction and solidifies its author as a staple in urban literature for years to come. Salim’s astute characterization and gripping narration of not only the inner city struggle but human plight in general lifts he and his gem of a book into echelons of literature not seen in this genre since Sista Soujah’s ‘The Coldest Winter Ever’.” -Rakeish cotton, Author of ‘Misguided Glory’

“Get In, Get Out is a riveting, action-filled, reflective voyage into manhood not seen since the release of Claude Brown’s ‘Manchild in the Promiseland’. Salim invites you deep into the conscience of his characters as they contemplate every decision in a cold and unforgiving world.” -Ice Cold Drinks, Author of ‘The True Ingredients in Chocolate.’

About the company: Mitanni Entertainment (an imprint of Mitanni Enterprises LLC) was formed in February of 2008 by author Salim Amir along with his partners Rasheen Davis and Tumi Madappa. Mitanni was a warrior state known for it’s ability to overcome insurmountable odds. Mitanni Entertainment is a company that reflects the mind-set of it’s namesake as it’s owners and members carry that same ‘succeed at all cost, regardless of obstacle or opposition’ mentality.

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