Reduction of Corporate Carbon Footprint Achieved with Alphalogix Workflow

Tasica Forms Director decreases amount of paper in daily office operations allowing companies to save on cost and promote a greener business.

Huntington Beach, CA, September 24, 2008 --( Alphalogix™, IBM Business Partner and awarding winning provider of portal and workflow solutions, is announcing their Tasica line of software products as an environmentally sound solution to enable any size business to begin reducing the amount of paper used in daily operations and ultimately reducing corporate carbon foot print.

According to the Worldwatch Institute in Washington, D.C., the average office worker creates 12,000 sheets of paper a year and 40 percent of all municipal waste consists of paper. A recent Gartner study found that one piece of paper costs between $30-$165 to use, process and enter. Although there are no signs of these rates slowing down, more and more businesses and organizations are starting green initiatives, becoming aware of their practices and how they affect the earth. One of the elements of these initiatives is reducing the amount of paper, either by using recycled paper or electronic forms.

Electronic forms authoring tools such as IBM Lotus Forms provides business the opportunity to graphically create pixel perfect electronic forms that have the same look and feel as paper forms. Tasica Forms Director, a human-centric business process automation solution, routes data from electronic forms designed in IBM Lotus Forms through business logic based decisions. Together the integrated business process automation solution has the ability to reduce the amount and costs of pre-printed and multipart forms, and issues such as human data entry error, form filing and duplicate form and task entries.

Forms Director can be set in a web based interface, however the solution also integrates with enterprise class portal environments including IBM WebSphere Portal. With this extended integration, employees are able to perform business processes along side their other personalized corporate applications, offering another way for businesses to reduce the amount of ever day paper materials being printed, distributed, and copied.

According to Bob McCandless, CEO of Alphalogix, “While it is unrealistic to eliminate every single piece of paper a company uses, business process automation solutions such as the powerful combination of Tasica and IBM Lotus Forms and WebSphere Portal helps business move toward a more cost efficient and eco friendly operation. By automating one form and its corresponding workflow, businesses can save an astonishingly large amount of global resources including trees, landfill space, water, oil and air pollutants. ”

In May of this year, IBM announced its "Software for a Greener World" as an expansion of Project Big Green, an effort to deliver technologies that help customers increase the level of energy efficiency in their data centers. "Software for a Greener World" includes new and existing offerings that help organizations optimize their infrastructure, workloads and people for energy efficiency.

“We are very proud to have a solid relationship with our partners including IBM who are actively pursuing a solution to the global problems we are facing today,” said McCandless.

About Alphalogix
Alphalogix is a long time, IBM Business Partner with expertise in portal technology, electronic forms and workflow solutions. As 2004 and 2008’s Lotus Award winner for Best Portal, Alphalogix has built and hosted collaborative portal solutions that connect people and applications together for small business to Fortune 500 companies. Tasica Forms Director is a rapid application development tool that integrates seamlessly with IBM Lotus Forms 3.0, creating a complete electronic form and workflow solution that can be deployed in a portal environment, extending the portal’s value with security and role-based business process automation. Forms Director is the recipient of Lotus Advisor’s Editors’ Choice Award 2007 for “workflow” solution. For additional information about the company or products, visit

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