Yellowpages with Free Calling, Goog-411 Live Online

E-Yellow-Page. Live from their website Google service Goog-411, so now anyone online world wide can use their voice to find a USA business, get it's number, connect to that number and talk for free.

San Frrancisco, CA, September 24, 2008 --( E-Yellow-Page. Now connects you with Google service Goog-411, It's free, fast, easy to use and simple to find and connect live from the web on your PC. There is no telephone hardware or software to buy, connects via a online flash powered browser telephone get a local live voice search. The phone utilizes your computers own microphone and speakers and connects to any USA business phone. So now anyone online world wide can use their voice to Find a USA Business, Get it's Number, Connect to that Number and Talk for Free.

E-Yellow-Page.The first website to cluster a conglomeration of phone directories with a medley of Free online and offline telephone services also has other free 411 info services to test drive. Each service has their own unique characteristic some are Ad. supported, others are Ad. free, some are automated, plus others have live operators. All these services have one thing in common they work as good as your Big Phone Companies ($1.25 for each listing) directory assistance services, plus they connect you to the listed number from the web, as will as your phone, all for Free

The services are:
Googles=1-800-Goog-411 -------------- (18004664411)
Live Msn=1-800-Call-411 -------------- (18002255411)
YellowPages over the phone=1-800info-fast- (18004636327)
A new service 1-800-411-save ----------- (18004117283)

E-Yellow-Page. Has free "instant 411" widgets for homepages or websites. The widget's can be placed on any website and be used by many concurrent vistors to contact a 411 service. E-Y-P also have a private subscription widget service available for anyone that likes one click& talk phone service.

A leading provider of comprehensive aggregated yellowpages, phonebooks and directories, local and world wide for PSTN, VOIP, SIP, SKYPE services with a amalgamation of communication providers which enables device interoperability whatever the protocol or dialing plan. Having voice, sms, fax, instant messaging, enhanced E-mail, all delivered to any device from the E-Yellow-Page site permits amelioration of all site services. We offer online products and services to consumers and businesses worldwide. Our goal is to have E-Yellow-Page brand globally and be the most trafficked Yellowpages Internet destination worldwide. Headquartered in Sheridan,Oregon With a global network of PSTN, VOIP, SIP, along with other services our guest can reach 4-billion points of contact Free.

Tom Childs