QSAN RAID Controller is Certified for Windows Server 2008

Taipei, Taiwan, September 25, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Qsan has positioned itself as iSCSI / IP SAN and SAS expert ever since established. Qsan P210C iSCSI GbE (X4)-SAS RAID controller has been certified for Windows Server 2008. As Microsoft’s partner, Qsan’s products are always going to be certified for Windows.

Windows Server 2008 is the latest release of Microsoft Windows’ Server line of operating systems. Windows Server 2008 is the next-generation OS and helps IT for more control over its current infrastructure, higher availability/management, more reliable, higher security, and robust server environment. With Windows Server 2008 certified, Qsan is able to provide customers more choices which customers can upgrade the server environment easily and minimize customers’ effort. For more benefits of Windows Server 2008, please visit Windows Server 2008 website, www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2008.

P210C is the iSCSI-to-SAS RAID controller built around with Qsan innovative RAID stack, featuring industry-leading performance on Intel IOP platform. With 4 GbE iSCSI ports connected to the host/GbE switch, either working independently, trunking/LACP, or MPIO together, the benchmark data shows up to 120,000 IOPS and the throughput can achieve up to 600MB/sec. The outstanding performance is produced by not only the highly-optimized Qsan storage stack but also strong computing power offered by Intel Xscale IOP342. At drive-side, P210C supports SAS drives, thus SATA compatible. Not only it supports up to 16 drives in single enclosure, there is a SAS JBOD expansion port built-in, connectible up to 4 SAS JBODs and up to 80 drives installed. The SAS interface adds flexibilities, higher performance, and very cost effective expansion. And with the green feature of disk auto spindown supported by Qsan, the whole system including one P210C and four J200C JBOD enclosures with fully loaded 80 hard drives can achieve high power efficiency and save the overall drive power cost. Other useful features in previous products are also included, such as RAID 6, on-line migration, web-based management, snapshot (QSnap) and so on.

P210C Feature Highlights:
- iSCSI (X4)-to-SAS/SATAII RAID controller
- Hardware iSCSI off-load engine enabled
- IOPS 120,000
- Throughput up to 600MB/s
- Writable snapshot - QSnap w/o relying on host software
- Windows VSS, VDS, MPIO support
- SAS JBOD expansion support, up to 4 J200C cascading and up to 80 drives
- iSCSI jumbo frame support
- Header/Data digest support
- Disk auto spindown support
- Multiple iSCSI target nodes support

Qsan P210C iSCSI(X4)-to-SAS controller is available from July, 2008. Recommended 2U and 3U subsystems are also available. Please contact sales@qsan.com.tw for more product and pricing information.

About Qsan
Founded in 2004, QSAN technology Inc. is a company developing RAID controller focusing on iSCSI / IP SAN targeting at small and medium businesses worldwide. Qsan products are designed and positioned in the way to respond to the storage technology trend not only the latest standards (e.g. iSCSI, SAS) but also customer requirements (e.g. business continuity). For more information, please visit www.Qsan.com.tw.

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