Odom Books Publishes HIV Medicine Alternative Health Book

Odom Books, an eclectic independent print-on-demand and eBook publisher, released this month, “The Rainbow Warrior: Healing HIV Through Chakra Awareness” by Kabir Amen-Ra Horakhty, ISBN-10: 1440408440, ISBN-13: 9781440408441.

Nashville, TN, September 25, 2008 --(PR.com)-- When energy is not able to move freely through your chakras (energy centers in the body that generate your physical form), illness can result. Negative thinking causes blockages in energy moving through the body which can lead to physical manifestations of disease in your body. Illness is the Universe within letting you know that something in your thinking is wrong. You are not in a consciousness of love, forgiveness of self and others, compassion, and faith and trust in God, who is the source of all that is good.

“I remember the day I gave myself the bodily symptoms of disease that are typically referred to as being HIV positive. No one gave it to me. I gave it to myself. Today, I have no symptoms of so-called HIV, nor, have I had any symptoms for many years. In my heart, I know that I will never be ill in that way again. I now know, that diseases find their victims, just as mold finds bread, infection finds wounds, and germs find filth. They proceed from the ethers.” – Kabir Amen-Ra Horakhty

Odom Books, an eclectic independent book publisher with on emphasis on print-on-demand, eBooks and self-publishing running the gamut from screenplays, entertainment, health, mind, body and spirit, launched its website in September.

Kabir is a former Special Education Teacher of Emotional and Behavior Disorder students. He received a Bachelor Of Arts In Psychology, from Birmingham-Southern College in Birmingham, Alabama and a Master of Education in Behavior Disorders, at Georgia State University, in Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently Doctoral Candidate of Transpersonal Psychology.

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