Veloxum’s Performance Tuning Engine a Great Addition to SGI’s Global Coalition

Las Vegas, NV, September 25, 2008 --( Success Group International Technology Coalition announced today that Veloxum has joined the Success Group Technology Coalition. Marv McGrew, CEO of Success Group International stated, “Veloxum addresses the SMB customers need to optimize their infrastructure to attain maximum performance. We are excited to have Veloxum in our global coalition as an addition to the total IT solutions offered by our members”

IT organizations are constantly challenged with providing adequate infrastructure to support the growing demands of the business user’s applications. Over-provisioning of hardware and network bandwidth is a common technique, yet achieving the estimated performance desired is rarely achieved. Veloxum was established to give IT organizations the power to reach the performance levels that they built into their systems. Veloxum’s performance tuning engine uses the existing infrastructure, with no additional hardware or software, other than the Veloxum software itself. Gains from 30% to 50% are common. Once these performance gains are implemented, our iPTE ensures that they are maintained while you change, add and grow your systems. Through active remediation they resolve both performance and latency issues.

Kevin Cornell, Chief Executive Officer at Veloxum said, “ “Developing a unique application like iPTE is only the beginning of building a solid business. The most difficult piece is reaching the potential customers, and doing so from a ‘trusted advisor’ status. Success Group International’s members who service over 180,000 customers helps us rapidly get our message to the right people. To Veloxum, a new company with a unique wide ranging application, this is pure gold.” about joining the SGI Global Technology Coalition.

About Veloxum:
Veloxum is founded on the belief that proper optimization allows organizations to extend the value of their existing capital investments in IT and defer or avoid additional expenditures to realize performance or capacity requirements. Our solution uses the existing parameters found in each component of the infrastructure to properly tune their interaction so they can achieve rated performance, both after initial tuning and over time. Veloxum helps tune complex IT infrastructures to extract optimum performance. The founders have a combined industry experience of over 80 years, covering the disciplines of networking, servers, applications, operating systems and high speed data transfer. Their knowledge has been incorporated into Veloxum’s iPTE (intelligent Performance Tuning Engine) to deliver an automated, highly adaptive tuning application that allows IT departments to unlock the hidden potential in their existing infrastructure.

About SGI:
Success Group International (SGI) is “The Global Technology Solution”™ Our Coalition is a worldwide, “solutions based” technology member organization, devoted to assisting our global membership of technology businesses in achieving their company marketing, channel sales and business development goals. "Success Group's mission, as a global technology coalition, is to facilitate member relationships and build synergy between members, by identifying needs and creating solutions to enhance, grow and strengthen revenue generating opportunities, increasing sales and profits of all members." SG specializes in developing and managing technology coalition alliances to promote the growth and “SUCCESS” of member businesses. Our primary objective is discovering enabling and enhancing technologies for coalition members to expand technology solutions offered to their clients.

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