Selkie Software Comes to the Rescue as Computer Spending Slows; Popularity of Breakthrough Data Recovery Technology Rises with Dip in the Economy

Selkie Rescue could be a real life saver for old hardware malfunctions.

Powell River, Canada, September 25, 2008 --( As people look for ways to cut costs and save money, one of the results in the computer industry is that fewer people will buy new computers this year, according to a recent forecast by Forrest Research.

“Purchases of computers and peripheral equipment will actually fall by about 4 per cent from last year, but increased outlays for software, services and communications equipment will power modest growth,” reports Simon Avery in the Technology section of the Globe and Mail.

Jonathan Lyster, CTO of Tugboat Enterprises, the publishers of Selkie Software, says this can only be a good thing for companies providing software and services that assist people with older, or unreliable, computer equipment. “The expected decrease in purchases of computers means that companies will be using older equipment – equipment that's wearing out, equipment that's more likely to fail,” Lyster says. “We have already started to see an increase in sales with questions related to older hardware models.”

Selkie Software is an essential part of any computer user’s toolkit. It’s a powerful break-through technology that by-passes broken Windows systems to access and recover data. Selkie Software uses Intelligent File Sorting to identify and prioritize files for recovery or migration, providing guaranteed successful retrieval or migration of all desktop data. Selkie Software works over a network, from a USB memory stick or computer-to-computer via cable and gives users the choice of push or pull capabilities. Selkie will recover all desktop files and migrate them to a new desktop in exactly the same order as they existed originally.

Selkie Software was designated an Emerging Technology for 2008 by Computer Reseller News (CRN) because of the valuable opportunities it provides home users, IT professionals, and large companies to save money, time, and data.

Tugboat Enterprises
Jackie Renton