Sea Aloe Liquid Vitamins Offer Support for the Coming Cold and Flu Season

More consumers turning to natural liquid vitamins as stocks of flu vaccines run low.

Baton Rouge, LA, September 26, 2008 --( As the cold and flu season returns, millions of consumers are turning to natural products as a means to shore up their body’s defenses. Recent concern over the availability and efficacy of flu vaccines has fed the push towards viable, natural alternatives that can boost the body’s immune system. As a result, liquid vitamins, such as SeaAloe, have exploded in popularity.

SeaAloe offers a comprehensive solution for cold and flu prevention, by offering more than 80 vitamins and nutrients, as well as thirteen superfoods, in an easy to digest liquid vitamin form. Clinical studies have shown that absorption rates for liquid vitamins are much higher than traditional pills, and fewer risks are involved. For those suffering from gluten or lactose intolerance, liquid vitamins that are free of harmful additives are often the only effective solution.

In addition to the numerous vitamins and essential nutrients contained in Sea Aloe, it is also a rich source of amino acids. Recent health studies have proven that amino acids are essential for the proper function and support of a healthy and active immune system. The powerful one-two punch provided by this vitamin offers one of the best solutions for cold and flu prevention.

For consumers seeking a certified vegan vitamin, this is the leading liquid vitamin that contains no animal derivatives. Thanks to the efforts of this manufacturer, safe liquid vitamins are available to anyone, even children and those suffering from allergies. For more information about this product, please visit

About the Product: Sea Aloe has been providing consumers with a natural health alternative for more than sixteen years. Packed full of vitamins, thirteen superfoods and dozens of essential nutrients, the liquid vitamin provides a viable alternative for those seeking to avoid harmful supplements.

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