iUniverse Would Like to Announce the Release of Which Man by Ginny Albert

Bloomington, IN, September 26, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Suspense, Romantic Conflict Drive New Novel’s Dramatic Plot.

For Sierra Bradford, an innocent night on the town starts a whirlwind of events that leaves her struggling to choose between two men who love her and running from an unknown individual who wants to see her dead in Which Man, a new novel by author Ginny Albert.

Set in Atlanta, Which Man is a nail-biting piece of dramatic fiction that weaves readers through Sierra’s complicated romantic situation and later through a more deadly plotline that threatens her very existence. That fateful night at the dance club, Sierra and her friend, artist James Waverly, are interrupted by a phone call. James must catch a flight right away. His only choice is to leave Sierra in the hands of Wade Grisham, an old college pal. James is wary of Wade’s intentions, but must depart.

Months pass, and James learns that Sierra and Wade have fallen love and become engaged. Secretly in love with Sierra for years, James is distraught. When he tells Sierra about Wade’s shady past, Wade arrives at her home, and the old friends come to blows. Shortly after, Wade breaks off the engagement, and Sierra is devastated.

She plans to move in with her friend James, only to discover he has romantic feelings of his own. Torn between two men she adores, Sierra must decide which man is the right choice for her. To complicate matters further during this tumultuous time, Sierra’s aunt dies. Soon after, her best friend is suddenly murdered.

What seems like a random series of unfortunate events abruptly turns into a suspenseful mystery when a car tries to run Sierra over in a parking lot. Sierra realizes that her aunt’s death was no accident and that her best friend’s murderer is after her, too.

Albert’s creative twists engage readers throughout this page turner. Which Man wraps a tantalizing romantic plot with a murder mystery that captivates readers as they learn which lover she’ll choose -- and whether she’ll survive such dangerous and strange events.

About the Author
A writer and artist, Atlanta native Ginny Albert has attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, Parson’s School of Fashion Design and Georgia State University’s art program. An illustrator and acrylic artist, her company – Ginny Art designs t-shirts a/k/a Chic ShirtsÔ and has sold paintings at events affiliated with the Georgia Women Lawyers Association and the High Museum’s Art Partners.

Albert’s writing career began when she started her first novel, an endeavor that took her to Egypt to conduct research for the book. Which Man has been made required reading at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for Dr. Kwakiutl Dreher’s Women in Popular Culture classes. She has also completed another novel, Love At Shadow’s Edge, and is beginning work on a new novel entitled The Harem of Dead Flowers.

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