The Nature Conservancy Endorses Amendment 4 for Florida’s Conservation

Amendment 4 will preserve land and wildlife.

Altamonte Springs, FL, September 26, 2008 --( The Nature Conservancy today announced its endorsement of Florida’s proposed Constitutional Amendment 4, The Florida Conservation Land Amendment.

“The Nature Conservancy strongly supports passage of Amendment 4, which provides a powerful incentive for more private landowners to engage in conserving Florida’s forests, waters and wildlife,” said Jeff Danter, Florida state director of The Nature Conservancy. “Voting ‘yes’ on Amendment 4 means that you are helping to preserve the Everglades and protecting iconic species like the Florida panther.”

“We are honored to be working alongside The Nature Conservancy to add this simple, low-cost land conservation measure to Florida’s Constitution,” said Preston Robertson of Citizens for Conservation Land, the coalition supporting Amendment 4. “By making it easier for private landowners to set aside their land for conservation, Amendment 4 will complement The Nature Conservancy’s work in preserving Florida’s natural places.”

Florida’s proposed Constitutional Amendment 4 protects Florida’s water resources and wildlife habitats by providing tax incentives for private landowners who choose to conserve their property.

If approved by 60 percent of Florida voters on November 4, Amendment 4 will:
• Exempt land that is permanently set aside for conservation from all property taxes.
• Allow land that is being used for conservation purposes, but which hasn’t been permanently set aside, to be taxed according to its conservation use.

Amendment 4 balances economic growth and environmental stewardship by preserving conservation land without introducing new government regulations, which is why it is broadly supported by interest groups throughout Florida.

To date, more than 80 business, community, and environmental groups have endorsed Amendment 4, including diverse groups and individuals such as the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Allied Sportsmen’s Association of Florida, Bream Fishermen Association and nationally renowned naturalist Jim Fowler, a host of the popular television program Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

For a complete list of Amendment 4’s supporters and more information about the Amendment, visit


Citizens for Conservation Land is a coalition of state and national environmental organizations that have joined together to create practical solutions for protecting Florida’s natural places. Participating organizations include the Florida Wildlife Federation, Audubon of Florida and The Nature Conservancy. Citizens for Conservation Land is dedicated to the passage of proposed Constitutional Amendment 4, the Florida Conservation Land Amendment. Find out more about Amendment 4 at

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Citizens for Conservation Land, Inc.
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