Bobby Tinsley Releases Second Album

R&B Sensation Bobby Tinsley Debuts Sophomore Album.

Knoxville, TN, September 27, 2008 --( Bobby Tinsley announced today that his new album, entitled “What About Bob,” will drop on Saturday, September 27th. The R&B artist has pre-released the title track on MySpace and has already received over 1,800,000 hits. In addition to MySpace, fans have tuned into BET to see the “What About Bob” music video (already in heavy rotation). From the melodic song “Anything” to the soon to be club anthem “Go,” this record is ready to tantalize the ears of its’ listeners. This is Bobby’s second album and is being released on the Jean Rah Fya Record Label. When asked about the album, Bobby had this to say: “A lot of artists pick the songs they put on their projects based on their hit potential, but with me it comes down to sharing my heart and passion with other people; and What About Bob is really just my life, poured out line by line over the last few years. I couldn't be more excited that it's out.”

Bobby’s MySpace page may be accessed through this website, If you are a member of the press or media outlet and wish to review the album and/or interview Bobby Tinsley, please see the press contact information below.

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