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Reynold Levy, President of Lincoln Center, Talks About Driving Growth Through Engagement on the CEO Show with Robert Reiss

Reynold Levy, President of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, talks on the CEO Show with Robert Reiss about driving growth through engagement with its stakeholders, and its spectacular $1.2 billion transformation now underway. Levy also speaks about The Center as a source of “social cohesion and economic development,” and he discusses important considerations for non-profit organizations in their interactions with individual and corporate donors.

Ridgefield, CT, September 28, 2008 --( Reynold Levy, President of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, talks on the CEO Show with Robert Reiss about driving growth through engagement -- engagement with those in the audience, its donors, and within the twelve renowned non-profit organizations that comprise Lincoln Center and their local communities.

Lincoln Center, as Levy describes, is undergoing a $1.2 billion renovation and transformation as it responds to the needs of maintaining a world-class, 21st century performing arts center. When these projects are completed, Lincoln Center will be more open and welcoming to the millions of people who work, perform and visit each year. The ‘new’ Lincoln Center will have more amenities like Wi-Fi, expanded green spaces and food options at different price points. In Alice Tully Hall, the transformed building will be a place where great choreographers, musicians, and composers can test their new and favorite works, where members of the audiences can “mix and mingle”, discussing what they have seen and heard.

Reiss asks Levy about the role of Lincoln Center in the community and Levy speaks about it as a source of “social cohesion, economic development, and a source of an engagement in ideas” that is used by the media and discussed by the public.

Although much of the interview is centered on the activities and transformation of Lincoln Center, a very intriguing portion is focused on the interaction with donors, both individual and corporate. Levy draws on material from his recent book, “Yours for the Asking” where he remarks about the extraordinary giving habit in America, citing that giving by individuals amounts to over $300 billion per year -- a number larger than directed to their personal savings.

Levy delivers useful insights about finding donors and the homework that is necessary if one is to understand their interests and needs. He explains the importance of listening and the concentration requisite to really understand what someone is seeking. Levy goes on in considerable detail, making points about the face-to-face meeting, the need for planning and flexibility when making the “ask”, and examples of attributes where corporations considerably differ from individuals in terms of their needs and priorities.

The interview with Levy concludes with a dialog with Reiss about the members of board of directors in non-profit organizations like Lincoln Center. The interview with Levy is entertaining, informative, and well worth the time for business managers and non-profit organizations interested in expanding their vision and potential for growth.

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