People, Process & Technology Releases Immigration Whitepaper

People, Process & Technology, LLC has completed and released the first whitepaper in the Presidential Primer Series. With this whitepaper on Immigration, PP&T presents information relayed by the job seeker and the small to medium business segments as they relay their thoughts on Immigration.

Indian Rocks Beach, FL, September 29, 2008 --( People, Process & Technology, LLC is one of the small to medium businesses that forms the backbone of the American Economy. PP&T has two divisions with one division focused on Permanent Placement as they bring job seekers and potential employers together for the right fit for the right position and with the other division, PPT Consulting, dealing with businesses in achieving profit improvement goals.

PP&T is issuing a Presidential Primer Series of Whitepapers over the weeks leading up to the Presidential Election. Topics will be Immigration, Energy, Foreign Policy and the Economy. The first of these whitepapers, Immigration, is now complete. Copies can be requested by either visiting or through an email to

The Immigration process is unquestionably broken and in need of a comprehensive overhaul - a piecemeal approach simply will not work. On the issue of Immigration both McCain and Obama have very similar positions, yet neither take a comprehensive approach to solving this critical issue, (based on information from their web sites - and This paper discusses the costs associated with Immigration and Illegal Immigration as well as presents opinions and polling figures from the general public. None of the information presented is biased by the traditional polling methods of targeting a specific group to solicit their opinions. No bias is present as is frequently the case, however it appears that there has not been any comprehensive cost estimate done to determine just how much Illegal Immigration is costing the US Taxpayer. In light of the Financial Industry Bailout, the fact that Illegal Immigration could be costing the US Taxpayer as much as $346 Million at the Federal Level alone, (based on information presented by an Economist, (Edward Rubenstein), who looks at 15 divisions of the US Government, this could become the next extreme expenditure facing the US Taxpayer.

The general consensus is that Immigration should be a Federal Issue, that the Immigration system is broken and requires comprehensive reform, that there are somewhere between 12 million and 20 million Illegal Immigrants in the US, that Illegal Immigrants combine those who cross the borders as well as those who intentionally overstay, Sanctuary Cities are not supported, that Illegal Immigrants should not be given a Driver License and that attention to the issue must be immediate.

People, Process & Technology, LLC
Joe Kurtzke
Director of Sales & Consulting