Samurai Karate Studio Holds Free Anti Abduction Workshop for Children

Samurai Karate Studio hosted a free anti abduction workshop on Saturday, September 27th as part of their community service program. The workshop was attended by several children and their parents. The Richland County Sheriff's Department participated in this event by providing and processing their "Kid Print" id kits.

Columbia, SC, September 30, 2008 --( Samurai Karate Studio hosted a free anti abduction workshop for children ages 5 and up on Saturday, September 27th. The event was attended many children and their parents.

Sensei Feldt, the owner and chief instructor of SKS commented, "We have a very active community program that is dedicated to helping children and adults become more aware and safer while out and about their neighborhoods, work and school."

Sensei Feldt covered key topics such as body language, awareness, defining what or who is a stranger, what to do if approached by a stranger, using your voice, use of a code word, safe zones. In addition, each child was taught specific techniques if they were grabbed and couldn't run away.

"As much as this workshop is structured to teach the children, I find many of the parents need this information as well," stated Feldt.

During the workshop, Sensei Feldt talks about the use of a secret code word that only the family knows. This codeword can be very important in the instance when a stranger attempts to pick up a child at school. If the driver doesn't know the code word, than the child immediately seeks out a teacher or aid that can keep them safe.

At the end of the workshop, each child participated in a "role play" with Sensei Feldt. He would go over to the child and ask them if they wanted some candy and to come with him in his car or help look for a lost pet.

"This is a great exercise for the children," commented Feldt. "Too often, strangers appear to be very friendly, offering candy or asking for help to find a lost pet. The stranger plays to their emotions. It is important that children understand they never leave with a stranger no matter what!"

In addition to the stranger danger presentation, the Richland County Sheriff's Department participated in this event by providing their free "Kid Print" id kits, which include a photo and finger printing.

This is the second year that the RCSD has participated in this event. "I am continually impressed with the deputies that participate in this event," stated Feldt. "They really go out of their way to make the children feel relaxed; it's a great opportunity for the RCSD to introduce themselves to the children in such a positive manner!"

One of the parents, Tammy Schwarz commented, "This was such a great event for me and my children!" "I loved the presentation and the sheriff's made it so easy to update our id kits for my children."

If you would like more information about this workshop, or are interested in receiving some Free safety tips for you and your child, please call Sensei Feldt at 803-462-9425 or email him at

To find out more about his karate studio, you may visit the Samurai Karate Studio website at

Samurai Karate Studio teaches a traditional style of Japanese karate to children and adults, beginning at age 4. In addition to their karate classes, they offer workshops on stranger danger, bullying and self defense.

Samurai Karate Studio is located at 2000 Clemson Road, Suite # 9, Columbia, SC 29229.

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