Caligari Dali Could be the Strangest Band in the World

Caligari Dali, possibly the strangest band on earth, has just released a three song disc...

Columbia, TN, September 30, 2008 --( Comic creator Vance Capley may have discovered the strangest band on earth, "They have the strangest sound I've ever heard and I wanted to be part of it."

Caligari Dali is part Brian Eno and part White Zombie. The new music is as if Salvador Dali got together with Dr. Caligari ('The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari' film) and said let's start a band.

"The style is really hard to explain. On the 3 song disc, you have Attacking the Castle, which has a driving beat with sounds of WW2 America. The second song, Victim 13, sounds like something out of a horror film. And the closing tune, Caligari Dali, is a mellow, yet frightening, little song quoting Mr. Dali himself."

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Vance Capley, spokesman and member of Caligari Dali, resides in Columbia, TN with wife and two children, where also writes and draws Graffiti Arcade.

Vance Capley