Jewish Basketball Hall of Fame Producers Announce New Sweepstakes announced today the launch of the first ever sweepstakes with weekly drawings and monthly grand prize drawings.

Bethpage, NY, October 01, 2008 --( The Producers of the Jewish Basketball Hall of Fame and JewishPrideSportsHeroes, announced the launch of the first ever sweepstakes. The winner will be announced once a week and a grand prizewinner will be announced once a month. Sweepstakes winners will receive a Jewish Basketball Hall of Fame Poster and DVD while grand prizewinners will receive a tee shirt in addition to the other prizes.

The only place to enter the sweepstakes is on the website. The site contains descriptions and photographs of over thirty of the leading Jewish basketball players of the twentieth century, including Dolph Schayes, Rudy La Russo, Lennie Rosenbluth, Larry Brown, Max Zaslofsky and Nancy Lieberman.

The DVD, which has earned critical acclaim by reviewers, such as Dr. Jeffrey S. Gurock, Michael Feldberg PhD and Eliezer Cohen, is distributed by The National Center for Jewish Film /Brandeis University in Waltham, MA.

"We are very pleased with the warm reception our DVD is receiving from the public," says Izzi Lifschutz, a member of the joint venture that produced the DVD. Izzi is a one-time filmmaker and player at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

"People are not aware of what a big contribution Jews have made to sports," Izzi reports. "That's why and the Jewish Basketball Hall of Fame DVD are full of the history of these amazing athletes."

According to Izzi, the DVD is an ideal fundraiser. In late October the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame located in Commack, Long Island will be using the DVD as part of a symposium it is conducting on Jewish Basketball Players. Dolph Schayes, a member of the Jewish Basketball Hall of Fame, is one of the scheduled speakers at the symposium.

JewishPridesSportsHeroes LLC is a Bethpage, NY company. Its mission is to present the story of Jewish Athletes and their enormous impact on sports in the 20th century. The company is also working on a definitive historical document on Moe Berg that it's producer, Robert J. Kaplan, plans to make into either a theatrical production or a docu-drama.

For additional information or to inquire about fundraising opportunities through JewishPrideSportsHeroes LLC and, and the Jewish Basketball Hall of Fame DVD, contact JewishPrideSportsHeroes LLC, 1055 Stewart Avenue, suite 18, Bethpage, NY 11714, or phone at 516-719-4555 ext 106.

Jewish Pride Sports Heroes, LLC
Izzy Lifschutz