New Dmailer Sync v8 Delivers Even Greater Functionality and Security Benefits

Dmailer has further extended the innovative features of its flagship Dmailer Sync product, with the introduction of Dmailer Sync v8: Restoration capability for PC to PC data transfer, Automatic detection of email settings.

Marseille, France, August 19, 2008 --( Dmailer has further extended the innovative features of its flagship Dmailer Sync product, with the introduction of Dmailer Sync v8:

Restoration capability for PC to PC data transfer: Dmailer Sync v8 provides the vital feature set to perform a migration or restoration of a user’s data. As such, for those running Windows software that pre-dates Vista, Dmailer Sync v8 offers an efficient and seamless means of transferring data from an existing PC to a new system and vice-versa. This is particularly useful for users who might operate different Windows software at home and at work, as Dmailer Sync v8 automatically imports contact information and synchronizes e-mail between Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

Additionally, Dmailer Sync v8 offers new email synchronization options that allow users to organize e-mail by date and size, while the Dmailer user experience as a whole is further facilitated, thanks to an enhanced and more intuitive interface.

Enhanced Security: A key requirement of Dmailer Sync v8 is to meet the continued need to safeguard sensitive and critical information in the event of a user’s computer becoming lost or stolen.

“It is a very worrying and yet little known fact, that U.S. airports report close to 637,000 laptops lost each year according to a survey by the Ponemon Institute”, says Lucas Léonardi, CEO of Dmailer. “Meanwhile, there are countless numbers of business professionals who are responsible for upholding the privacy and security of customer information. Dmailer Sync v8 not only offers such users a viable solution to effectively meet this requirement, but at the same time affords them a means of complying with current legislation.”

While not always the case with a PC or laptop, personal data contained on Dmailer v8 is 128-bit encrypted. Password protection guarantees that access to secure information is granted only to the user himself and not to unauthorized persons. In conjunction with the peripheral device on which it is contained, Dmailer Sync v8 therefore offers users a secure, ‘virtual PC’ or external drive to safely store critical and sensitive data.

As a result, Dmailer Sync v8 allows users to comply with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, a key aspect of which is The Safeguards Rule which requires all US-based financial institutions to design, implement and maintain safeguards to protect customer information.

Automatic detection of email settings: Thanks to its advanced functionality, Dmailer Sync v8 automatically finds the user’s e-mail address for the Outlook account established on their PC or laptop. Once the software is loaded onto their mobile storage device, users simply connect it to their computer for fast access to their inbox, without the need to set-up or re-configure profiles.

Dmailer Sync v8 allows users to easily and securely synchronize all personal files, computer settings (Internet Explorer and Firefox favorites, desktop wallpaper); as well as all data contained in Outlook®, Outlook Express or Windows Mail (email, attachments, folders, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes) from a personal computer to any mobile storage device (USB flash drive, flash card, hard disk drive, mp3 player, iPod etc). Users can then access and edit them from any Windows PC wherever they go, even if Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail is not pre-installed on it. When finished, Dmailer Sync v8 synchronizes all changes back to a user’s home or work computer as if they had never been away.

Dmailer Sync v8 leaves no files behind, ensuring a user’s information is kept secure, regardless of whether the system being used is a computer other than their own. This affords users piece of mind that absolutely no trace (cookies, temp and history files) is left behind. With Dmailer Sync v8, personal files and Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail data remain on the user’s mobile device, and are not copied to the computers they visit.


About Dmailer
Established in 2001 and located in Marseille, France, Dmailer ( is a privately held software company specializing in portable backup and synchronization solutions for a range of mobile devices, including USB flash drives, memory cards, external hard disk drives, mp3 players, embedded phone memory, SIM cards and flash based memory cards for mobile phones (miniSD, microSD, microSDHC, MMCmobile). The company’s flagship product, Dmailer Sync, is available in eleven languages and is sold in over 120 countries worldwide. It is bundled with SanDisk, Western Digital and Lacie portable storage products on a worldwide basis.
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