Author Gives Voice to the Forgotten Children Stuck in the Welfare System

Right now, there are millions of unwanted children who may never know the good things in life and only find tragedy. They may seem nearly invisible and mute, but Dahveed is standing up so they may be seen and heard. His book, Through The Eyes of A Foster Child: A Poetic Journey (now available through AuthorHouse), takes readers on a spiritual trek down the roads that many of these children are forced to take.

San Diego, CA, May 17, 2006 --( As “a child of the system” from the age of 2 until he was 17, Dahveed recognizes and understands many of the challenges that a foster child must endure. Releasing his “innermost feelings” about growing up black and “in the system” during the 1960s and ‘70s, Dahveed expresses his views and concerns through his personal insight, poetry and prose. He remembers a time when social workers were scarce, the hated “N-word” was a prevalent slur and when being a foster child was like having the plague. In order to give a voice to those moments of his life and the children experiencing them now, he turned to writing.

In Through The Eyes of A Foster Child, he offers his views on religion as he takes readers down his “Spiritual Path: Don’t Crucify Me Before You Get To Know Me.” Through poems such as “Abuse,” he allows the readers to feel his pain and anger to know that this kind of treatment is a norm for these children. He explains “Why Children Don’t See Color . . . Unless We Allow Them To” as he details his hatred for racial slurs. The Poem “The Answer” helps exhibit both his style and philosophy.

Look/ Beyond today,/ Open your mind to tomorrow./ Look/ Beyond hate,/ Find peace where there’s none./ Look/ Beyond YOU,/ Realize there’s more./ Look/ Beyond life,/ Search for the meaning./ Look/ Beyond prayer/ . . . The Answer

Writing with a blatantly honest style, Through The Eyes of A Foster Child gives a voice to those who live without one.

Born in Greensboro, N.C., Dahveed currently lives in San Diego. He has volunteered as a crisis counselor and has been employed in the field of mental health for more than 10 years. A poet since the age of 16, Dahveed uses writing as a way of releasing “what the soul cries out for us to hear.” He bears his views on issues important to him – child abuse, religion, and racism – in his first book of poetry Through The Eyes of A Foster Child. Dahveed is currently at work on his second book, a compilation of poetry and prose for mothers written from the perspective of an unborn child.

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Dahveed's Voice and Vision