Baby Bling is More Than Tricked Out Pacifiers at’s Updated Baby Bling Page’s updated Baby Bling page includes diapers, nursery décor, baby clothes, and car seats.

Elkhart, IN, October 02, 2008 --( "It is so much fun giving shiny bling as a gift for a baby. That’s why we have tricked out pacifiers and other shiny baubles at our new Baby Bling page. But we also have all the practical stuff that mom’s want, including bulk quantity diapers, spinning lighted mobiles, baby bodysuits with funny sayings, and cow patterned car seats," says Jeff Young, spokesman for

"With one click, on our Baby Gifts category, found at, buyers can get a list of our most popular gear as baby gifts. We heavily feature Halloween Baby Costumes around Halloween, and Baby Christmas Gifts at Christmas time. There are many other categories to choose from as well, including some of the coolest Baby Toys around, Bathing and Health Care Products for Baby, Potty Training Gear, Pregnancy and Maternity Gear, Strollers, and Baby Stationary." Young said.

"The Baby Stationary includes Birth Announcements, Baby Shower Invitations, and Baby Thank You Cards. Between the gifts and the stationary, this makes’s Baby Bling pages one of the best places on the web to gather up everything you need for a baby shower!" Young said.

"We know baby gift givers will like the changes we have made to our Baby Bling department, but so will everyday practical moms and dads. We know that parents have busy lives and want to save money on gas, so they are shopping more on line. has great deals on diapers, deals on car seats, deals on nursery décor, and deals on bling looking baby clothing. We offer families a great combination of price, quality, convenience, free shipping on most orders over $25, and fun looking stuff!" Young said. is the up and coming shopping and gift site from Vista Virtual, LLC. The website keeps consumers up with the hottest "bling" including Razr Phones, iPhone accessories, iPods, jewelry, the latest clothing, and toys.

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