New Book - Ancient Bug Inspires Kids and Young Adults to Become Eco-Wise

Although Green Awareness is everywhere nowadays, global warming, unprecedented hurricanes, man made natural disasters, etc. It is a very dry subject for most kids and young adults, unless it is presented in a satirical and funny way. Creating Eco- Awareness from an early stage in future generations has clearly become a matter of survival of the fittest. This is the very intent of this short story with pictures about the environment.

Miami Beach, FL, October 02, 2008 --( Author Mikey K seized this opportunity to give a trilobite fossil a lead role in his new tale. This short sci-fi story "The Adventures of Thrylo" will be published on, the online market place for digital content.

Mikey enjoys designing jewelry out of trilobites, and "just like, when one is in love or in a struggle, many ideas came and went, and trial and error tried again", thus came his inspiration for this book. Mikey K was born in the oil fields of Venezuela; grew up admiring fossil collections, and listening to geologist’s night tales, while they watched the oil rig fires; conversations about where all that oil came from. Many theorized about meteorites hitting the planet millions of years ago, turning every living soul into black gold. So, from an early age Mikey wondered, how these creatures evolved during their time, and why they ended up supplying our gas tanks, supplying; acid rain clouds on the sky.

This Eco-concern gave way to his book, which he considers “An ecological statement in a recycled spell”. The recycled spell is suggested by his use at the onset of his web page. Also, in old rock, jazz lyrics and movie quotes within this short story. Mikey also considers his work "a back to the future approach to a problem that affects us all"; as pollution is a timeless problem.

Mikey is the type of creative author that publishes on Modified music lyrics and renderings’ created by the author are also contained within the book. First charter sample can be viewed on

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