One Woman Shares Her Wisdom on Appetite in the Xlibris Self-Published Book, Eating Desire

Many people, especially women, have been taught to refuse desire. In the self-published book, ‘Eating Desire,’ Lisa Powers inspires one to get what they really want to live a truly happy life.

Philadelphia, PA, October 03, 2008 --( The Xlibris book, ‘Eating Desire,’ celebrates a woman’s appetite in all facets of life. Author Lisa Powers explains the logic of excessive indulgence as a result of depriving oneself from what one really wants. By learning to listen to what a person really wants for his or herself instead of suppressing them, one can have a truly happy life.

Eating Desire is a personal account of Lisa’s obsession with food to conceal the terror and shame of her dark childhood. She also chronicles her transformation from being self-loathing to self-loving. This book transcends satisfying one’s appetite for food, as it explores other important desires of life. These include comfort, connection, personal fulfillment, power and protection, sexual pleasure, transcendence, transformation and witness.

In this Xlibris self-published book, Lisa stresses how one’s relationship to food mirrors one’s struggle for emotional, spiritual and sexual fulfillment. One’s hunger for food is a wake-up call to listen to what one truly wants in life. It is not about indulging in the excess but in going down to the things that truly matter: that of steering the path that one is meant to take.

People with eating disorders will find the wisdom of Eating Desire truly helpful. The more one listens to what they really want, the less one tends to overeat or deprive oneself. Therefore leading one to become happier.

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