Levels the Playing Field for Individual Investors and Traders

Aster Investor Resources launches its WebReports™ service to provide real-time tracking and historical data for major U.S. economic reports at

Dallas, TX, May 18, 2006 --( Recognizing that economic reports are an important component in the trading decisions of institutional investors in the equity, bond and futures markets, Aster Investor Resources now brings this critical information to individual traders from the website.

Report information is made available to subscribers under the WebReports™ label, which includes five (5) separate components. The Daily Report Spotlight shows the reports that are being released on that day, with continuous updates as the report's actual results become available. This section also contains 'Consensus' projections for a comparison with the 'Actual' results to easily determine if the 'Actual' results met, exceeded or fell short of the 'Consensus' expectations. The Week in Review covers the current week's schedule, updated with any late scheduling changes, and includes 'Consensus' projections and the results from the last reporting date. The comprehensive Report Encyclopedia provides a description of each report, with an explanation of the data provided. A link is also provided to the publishing source for each report included in this section. The entire year's release schedule is available in the Economic Calendar, with the historical results in chronological order dating back to January 2005. Current and prior-year historical results are also available organized by report name in the Report Archive.

“Developing a strategy for utilizing economic report data prior to their release is an important activity for successful traders, and having the information in a timely manner when the reports are released is needed to implement those strategies when it's time to make a trading decision”, commented Warren Rosenfeld, Managing Director for Aster Investor Resources, llc.

WebReports™ is the first in a series of planned services that are designed to deliver information to individual traders so that they can enjoy a more level playing field with the large institutional investors. The services provided on the website are a natural result of the company’s philosophy and dedication to provide the right tools for today’s traders in helping them make better trading decisions.

“In selecting tools for analyzing market conditions to make trading decisions, it is important to carefully consider the impact that economic reports have on price movement. We are confident that our new service will yield improved results for traders when they incorporate the information we provide into their market analysis”, added Rosenfeld.

About -, by Aster Investor Resources, provides real-time tracking and historical data for major U.S. economic reports. Our mission is to empower individual traders with improved information flow to enhance their trading results. For more information, please visit

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