Inexpensive Short Range Integrated UHF Gen 2 Reader Antenna Combination

SkyRFID announces their new EPC Gen 2 Short Range Reader Antenna that combines a Gen 2 Reader Writer and an antenna in a single integrated housing. Perfect for those short range – 2 meter application where only one antenna is needed.

Cambridge, Canada, October 04, 2008 --( SkyRFID Inc. recently announced the availability of their new EPC Gen 2 Short Range Reader/Writer/Antenna in a single housing. AC powered for 110 or 240 volts with a weight of just less than 1 Kg plus a size of 250 mm x 250 mm x 70 mm (about 10 inches square x 3 inches) making it perfect for applications requiring a compact single reader with a read range of 2 meters or under.

Based on the number of requests for small compact fixed readers that do not need the full 4 antenna capabilities or the full power and zone coverage of a four port fixed reader SkyRFID now offers a much more cost effective solution. Many applications such as event management, access control, asset management and others need just a single antenna for RFID monitoring requirements. This unit provides a power transmission strength that is adjustable between 20 and 30 dBm and uses either an RS 232 or RS 485 for connectivity to a single PC or a port concentrator for multiple single antenna units. In addition the unit is available in both 860 ~ 868 MHz and 902 ~928 MHz configurations so it can be used anywhere EPC standards are required.

Now you don’t need to buy a 4 port reader and a single antenna. The best part about this new reader combination is that is comes with an SDK (Software Development Kit) at no extra cost and is priced under $ 500 USD making it a very attractive purchase option.

About SkyRFID Inc.
SkyRFID is a privately held Canadian company specializing in Automated Data Collection (ADC) solutions that use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. SkyRFID has over 20 years of experience in ADC and provides customers with everything from a single consulting engagement to a complete turnkey global solution. SkyRFID personnel have implemented solutions in all of the Americas, Europe and other countries with great success. SkyRFID provides solutions in Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF), Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and Microwave (SHF) RFID technologies and has considerable expertise in Asset Management, Access Control, Document Management, Library Systems, Field Service, Manufacturing, Parking Management, Supply Chain, Warehousing and Distribution, Event Management, Fleet Maintenance, and Custom Tags.

SkyRFID Inc.
Geoff Dewhurst