Fall Decorating Tips to Warm Your Home from American Blinds, Wallpaper and More

Fall Decorating Tips To Warm Your Home from American Blinds, Wallpaper and More (www.americanblinds.com). When the weather begins to turn cold, take cues from fall to warm up your world. Think about the decorating styles that appeal to you and use the following tips for guidance.

Livonia, MI, October 06, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Fall decorating tips to warm your home from American Blinds, Wallpaper and More. American Blinds has been a leader in the custom window treatments and wall covering business for over 50 years.

When the weather begins to turn cold, take cues from fall to warm up your world. Think about the decorating styles that appeal to you and use the following tips for guidance:

· Look to Elemental Colors: Air, Earth, Fire and Water; nature inspires the most beautiful colors. Colors reflecting Air will make your home breathe. Earth inspired colors will ground and calm a room. Colors pulling from Water inspire playful fun and those reflecting Fire will say bold confidence.

· Take Natures Cues: As the air turns cool, nature gives us clues as to which colors make your home feel warm and cozy in the fall. Look around at the fall foliage and you’ll see vibrant golds, rich reds, deep chocolate browns and toasty oranges. These colors inspire life and energy as the days get darker and cooler. Look for ways to incorporate these colors and sceneries into your room décor. National Geographic Wallpaper or wall murals can help create this inviting nature setting.

· Go Natural: With the increasing focus on the environment, there are abundant products available today that reflect and are good for nature. These products often incorporate earthy colors and textures; a perfect theme for fall. Choose eco-friendly shades which are PVC-free and 100% recyclable like American Blinds® Roller Shades. Check out the eco-friendly wallpaper made from recycled material or sourced from managed forests.

· ‘Tis the Season: Carve out a tall pumpkin and use it as a flower vase or use small pumpkins for candles. A throw pillow, bowl of fresh citrus fruit or a bouquet of cut flowers are inexpensive ways to provide some color pop while welcoming your guests with the feel of nature.

· Come Together: Gather around the fireplace. Rearrange your furniture to set your fireplace, instead of the TV, as the focal point of the room. Footstools, ottomans, and floor pillows by the fire create an inviting, warm atmosphere that will get you through the harshest days of winter. And if you don’t want the hassle of starting and maintaining a fire, try placing tall white candles in the fireplace for a similar glow.

· Go Vibrant: Add a few splashes of vibrant color. They enrich any look and keep you from feeling drab. Deep colors also inspire confidence. Use an area rug to add warmth and personality to any room.

· Go Circular: Designing a wreath is one of the easiest DIY projects you could hope for. And this time of year there is an abundance of colorful items to choose from at your local craft store or around your home. Get the kids involved and make it a family project.

· Prepare for Winter: Now is the time to prep your home. There are several easy steps you can take. Consider insulating cellular shades or lined window treatments such as thermal curtains or foam-backed draperies for older, drafty windows. Insulate your water heater with insulation wrap. Seal leaks and drafts with caulk or weather strips. Clean your furnace and change your air filter. And lastly, but certainly not least, install a programmable thermostat. This allows you to conserve energy during the day while you’re at work and at night while you sleep, but still come home or wake up to a warm, cozy home.

This fall season homeowners can add color and style even on a budget. Enjoy the new, quick way to navigate and shop for the perfect, energy efficient window treatments from American Blinds, Wallpaper and More, at www.americanblinds.com.

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