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Chicago, IL, October 07, 2008 --(PR.com)-- "When The Vow Breaks" By Cynthia Berry & Sheila Taylor-Downer.

Three women, Ravina, Jade, and Sapphire seem to have it all. But looks can be deceiving. Ravinia, a true rags to riches story finds out that only the grass is greener on the other side, not in her high-society life with the elite North Shore of Chicago. Seeking for the truth, she looks to her fire and brimstone teaching mother for solace, but finds insolence, condemnation and judgment. Entrusting her heart and soul to a man of the cloth whose intentions are neither wholesome nor holy, she weakens to his wiles, falling to the unthinkable. At home, her philandering husband, who is one of only 12 partners at a well-known accounting firm, has left evidence of his affair with a woman half his age for her to find.

Heartbroken, Ravinia learns that her psychotherapist, the striking Sapphire Sykes has a shady past of her own filled with hurt and regret. Compounded with trial upon tribulation, the savvy, singleton finds that faith is all we have. She learns that from the very beginning of her trials early in life until she faces the biggest challenge yet that faith is what keeps you and faith will always sustain you. Chancing her own career, she befriends Ravinia while mending the pieces of her life back together. Meanwhile, Sapphire's best friend Jade, who is always trying to keep up with the Jones, has her own set of marital woes. Meeting a man of a different race, she realizes her worth and returns to her old-school husband to see if they can rekindle their marriage.

Their journey leads each of the women through her own soul searching for life, love and ultimately, God. Together they find that they can make a difference with the strength they gain from their growing and unbreakable sisterhood; yet learning that they too can stand against the boughs and breaks.

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