Article Marketer Launches an Economic Survival Guide for Affiliates

As the economy struggles and the holiday season approaches, marketers are faced with sluggish sales. Article Marketer has devised a series of helpful articles and free downloads to help their affiliates through the holidays with their sales figures intact.

Hayward, CA, October 08, 2008 --( Amid stories of the nation's faltering economy and the bleak sales forecasts for the holiday season, one company is providing some upbeat advice for their affiliates. Article Marketer (, a popular online article distribution service, is releasing a 12-part Economic Survival Guide to help their affiliates keep their businesses going strong.

"When times get tough, the first thing most businesses cut from their budget is marketing expenses," says Chris Ellington, CEO of Article Marketer. "That has a ripple effect that you'll still be feeling long after the economy recovers."

Businesses that halt their marketing practices during a poor economy may find that their customers have moved on by the time they start promoting again. According to Ellington, marketers who keep on going right through the hard times will come out ahead in the end.

To help them do that, Article Marketer's Economic Survival Guide contains tips on attracting and keeping customers even when no one seems interested in buying. Their message is that a weak economy is the perfect time to find your niche.

A 2003 marketing study by Interbrand supported this claim. "In a downturn, people don't stop buying; they just buy more cleverly. Take advantage of the general decrease in marketing spending to grab a larger share of voice and define yourself in a less cluttered marketplace."

Article Marketer's 12-part Economic Survival Guide will include three exclusive free software downloads. The Guide, and the free downloads, are available to all Article Marketer affiliates beginning on October 3rd.

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