Announces Twitter Initiative, Contests, Integrated Features has launched a Twitter feature on its site, allowing users to push their published articles directly to their own Twitter account. It has also launched its own Twitter feed, featuring tips, customer service access, contests, and information on the article writing community. - May 14, 2009 Reaches Major Distribution Milestone

The article marketing community celebrated the announcement this week of's 200 millionth article distribution. The service is the industry leader in managed content distribution, and is a resource for companies seeking to increase their Google rankings and manage their online reputation. - March 22, 2009

Job Seekers Take a Page from the Internet Marketers' Handbook

Savvy professionals look to online marketing tactics to position themselves as experts in their field. Article marketing is the way job seekers are going from "Google nobodies" to "respected industry experts." - February 21, 2009

Article Marketer Eases Economic Hardships with Price Reduction

Article distribution service Article Marketer has unveiled a price cut to keep marketers going strong even in the difficult economy. The temporary price reduction applies to all new quarterly, yearly, and lifetime memberships as well as new membership upgrades. - December 10, 2008

Article Marketer and Marketing Squad Introduce 12 Weeks of Christmas Marketing Tips

Concerns about the economy are driving marketers to rethink their strategies. Two of the Internet's top marketing teams have joined forces to help marketers stay strong through the Christmas Shopping season. - October 08, 2008

Article Marketer Launches an Economic Survival Guide for Affiliates

As the economy struggles and the holiday season approaches, marketers are faced with sluggish sales. Article Marketer has devised a series of helpful articles and free downloads to help their affiliates through the holidays with their sales figures intact. - October 08, 2008

Partnership Means One-Stop Shop for Article Marketers

Online marketers now have a one-stop resource for all of their article marketing needs. Industry leader Article Marketer has partnered with Marketing Squad to create custom articles for article marketing campaigns. Article marketing has become a widely popular marketing method. It allows... - September 11, 2008

New E-Courses from Article Marketer Establish Article-Writing Skills in Seven Days

Two new free e-courses give marketers and affiliates the tools they need for effective online marketing. Experienced marketers and new affiliates alike will gain valuable insight from these week-long courses. - August 30, 2008

New Article Marketing Guide Helps Entrepreneurs Recession Proof Their Business

New step-by-step guide released to assist authors and entrepreneurs with article writing. This publication will help those struggling with article writing and submission. - August 09, 2008

New Affiliate Blog Launched by Article Marketer Helps Boost Small Businesses

Article Marketer's affiliate program helps small businesses succeed with skills needed to attract and convert customers. Their new affiliate blog provides a wealth of information and online community to help affiliate marketers. - August 06, 2008

The Duplicate Content Debate

Article Marketer Dispels Myths Surrounding Duplicate Content. - June 29, 2008

Article Marketer Named a Killer Start-Up

Customers always come first. Opinions, suggestions, and feedback voiced by clients and customers are vital to the life and success of any business. Article Marketer was recently designated a Killer Start-up by a website that provides consumer reviews for new and upcoming Internet startups. - November 18, 2007

Bucking a Trend: Article Marketer Offers Unlimited Article Submission

Article Marketer offers its members no limits on article submissions. - November 09, 2007

Specialty Women's Sites Find Their Market Through Article Marketer's Publishing Partnerships

Women now make up a clear majority of Internet users in the US, and are an increasingly important market online. Businesses that cater to this ever-expanding market base are finding a fast and easy way to connect with their customers. - May 12, 2007

Article Marketer Builds Successful Author-Publisher Partnerships

Business owners are seeing higher page ranks, more traffic, better conversions and more sales by supplying content to publishers. Article Marketer connects publishers with a steady stream of fresh content from these businesses, and it's a win-win for everyone. - April 28, 2007

Businesses Find New Customers by Relying on One Simple Truth

Business owners need their marketing efforts to work overtime for them. By supplying what the Web needs, they are gaining new customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. - April 18, 2007

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