New 3G Smartphone Samsung F520 with a Dual Slide Opening is Now Available at is proud to announce that the new Samsung F520 is now available in the US market and is ready for sale.

Wilmington, DE, October 09, 2008 --( The phone comes in a highly useable dual sliding casing which allows the user to switch between QWERTY and numeric keypad by simply switching between horizontal and vertical screens and keypad styles. The overall size of the casing is 104.8 x 53.7 x 17.4 mm which is a compact and sturdy feeling handset for the user to handle. The handset is eye catching and comes in a smooth black colored casing. The handset comes with a 3 Inch color touch screen display, which steals the show on this phone and it makes the phone a pleasure to use. The touch screen is large, colorful and reacts to human touch which means their is no need for a stylus with the Samsung F520. The Samsung F520 comes with a simple and elegant Flash user interface which works well on this model and provides the user with clear and easy to use interface. The built in features include a camera, video, messaging services, Internet, music player, 3G video calling and much more. The handset comes with easy to access hot launching keys which provides the user with quick access to features including Internet and music player. The camera feature provides the user with a high quality finish and comes with a selection of settings and effects to enhance the overall finish of the photos. The camera is a 3 megapixel digital camera with comes with a built in flash.

The user can access the World Wide Web from their Samsung F520 which provides a full HTML browser for the user to gain a mobile Internet experience. The use can access a blog sites, information site and gain all the information they need in their day to life from their mobile phone, the Internet in truly in the users hand. The Samsung F520 comes with a integrated music player which comes with easy to use music controls and features. The user can access their music player from the main icon menu which will contain all their favorite tracks ready and waiting to be played by the user. The user can amend their music files with ease and download their favorites tracks at high speed. The phone comes with a 3G video calling feature which allows the user to experience a face to face call with other contacts. The user can have a 3G video call with any 3G video calling compatible contact and the call is a perfect way to really express true feelings as all the users and the users contact's facial expressions are their to be seen on the colorful and clear display. The Samsung F520 has a second camera which is used when having a 3G video call to record the users expression for the contact to view on their screen.

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