SkyRFID's New Portfolio of RFID Parking Control & Parking Management Solutions

SkyRFID announces their new line-up of RFID Parking Management Solutions that effectively control entrance or exit gates at a variety of read distances and access speeds. The solutions range from single gate readers to four gate readers and access speeds from 10 KPH to over 160 KPH.

Cambridge, MA, October 09, 2008 --( SkyRFID Inc. announces their new line-up of RFID Parking Management entrance or exit gate reader and tag solutions. These new products are designed for parking downtown management, municipal parking, university and college parking, airport parking, gated communities, secured government installations and more.

Instead of inserting a card or punching in a PIN number at a gate keypad vehicles can enter or exit without having to stop as the UHF readers can identify the windshield tag from a distance of 2.4 meters (8 feet) at 10 KPH to up to 10 meters (32.8 feet) at a speed of 160 KPH or 100 miles per hour depending on the reader and RFID tag selection.

SkyRFID has 2 different single gate readers. One is a single gate single function reader that can read the SkyRFID windshield tag inlay from a distance of over 7 meters or 21 feet and provide the appropriate response to the gate relay. The other is a shorter distance reader (2.4 meter/8 feet) that can be used for vehicle detecting loops, light curtains or other detection schemes for gate vending control, vehicle stop and go light control or other purposes.

For up to 4 gates within close proximity SkyRFID has four different solutions. One solution uses their new long distance 100 mm x 2.5 mm windshield tag for a 7 meter (21 feet) or more read distance and is fully Gen 2 compatible for 860 to 960 MHz systems. Two others use UHF 900 MHz bands but are proprietary and you can not clone or duplicate the windshield tags. With read distances of 5.5 meter to 7.7 meter (18 to 25 feet) these solutions are designed for higher security and faster vehicle approach speed.

Their ultimate security RFID Parking Management system is a Gen 2 865 ~ 960 MHz ISO 18000-6C - 160 KPH (100 MPH) vehicle approach speed with a 10 meter (32.8 feet) read range. This is the perfect solution for secured areas that require a high speed entrance capability.

Pricing for these solutions starts at under $ 1,000 USD for the single gate 7 meter read distance plus your windshield tags customized with your color logo and graphics at under $ .95 USD based on quantities of 3000 or more making this very attractive for many controlled parking situations.

SkyRFID Inc.
Geoff Dewhurst