Empire Valuation Consultants Experience Excellence with Pisarkiewicz Mazur & Co’s New Brand Position and Marketing Campaign

New York, NY, October 09, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Today’s volatile economic climate is making it harder than ever for financial service firms to attract new clients and stay competitive in their markets. Empire Valuation Consultants, the Northeast’s leading independent valuation consulting firm, was looking to increase brand recognition regionally as well as nationwide, compete more directly with major players in their field and cultivate more high-value assignments.

Empire chose Pisarkiewicz Mazur & Co, the award-winning New York branding firm, to help them accomplish their goals and deliver long-term results. PM & CO developed a bold and engaging tag line - “Experience Excellence”- that capitalizes on the unique factor that Empire is the only valuation firm with 99% of its professionals holding an MBA degree or higher.

After developing Empire’s new position and tagline, PM & CO designed a new color palette and powerful imagery to help strengthen the brand. These elements were applied to virtually every communication vehicle, including a new capabilities brochure, a system of tri-fold brochures promoting various Empire services and a new corporate website. The new branding was also trumpeted through several series of highly conceptual postcard mailings. And PM & CO brought more exposure to the new brand by exploring opportunities for Empire executives to showcase their expertise through public speaking and networking, along with a new conference show booth.

Empire’s new brand position, visual re-branding, and a comprehensive communications strategy has led to a 30% increase in business and an 11% increase in average assignment size in the first year. “PM & CO has been a terrific resource for us in all aspects,” said William Lockwood, Empire’s Senior Managing Director. “We asked them to help us grow our business - both our footprint and size of projects awarded. After working with them for one year, our business has increased 30%, and assignment size has increased 11%. They’re a very smart, creative shop.”

Differentiating Empire from other valuation firms in their market required the proprietary approach that PM & CO employs — Inform, Inspire, Explore, Realize. PM & CO utilized research, intuition, vision and creativity to succeed in Empire’s goal of growing their business.

About Pisarkiewicz Mazur & Co

Founded in 1979, Pisarkiewicz Mazur & Co is an award-winning, internationally recognized, full-service strategic branding agency based in New York City, providing business solutions to a range of clients in the entertainment, financial services, healthcare, and non-profit sectors, including A & E Television Networks, American Cancer Society, Hearst Newspapers, the New York State Restaurant Association, RBC Capital Markets, and the Brooklyn Public Library, among others.

About Empire

Founded in 1988, Empire Valuation Consultants has grown into one of the nation’s leading and most respected independent valuation consulting firms. With over fifty financial professionals, Empire’s wealth of valuation experience includes nearly every industry and every type of financial security as well as most forms of intangible assets.

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