PISARKIEWICZ MAZUR & CO Brings Pride and Excitement to John Adams High School Through Branding

For a public high school to succeed in New York City, it must present itself as an appealing learning destination, a place where pride and excitement are alive in students, parents, teachers and staff. John Adams High School, located in Ozone Park, Queens, wanted to step up its image as a unique... - May 13, 2010

Pisarkiewicz Mazur & Co Reveals Misconceptions with Social Marketing

Small businesses have found some success in using social media for marketing. Now, mid-sized and large businesses are running to get into the act as well. Because so many managers are already using some of these networks personally, they’re thinking it’s relatively easy to do, and... - November 12, 2009

Pisarkiewicz Mazur & Co Gives R.F. Lafferty a Fresh Perspective on Old World Service

To thrive and grow in Manhattan’s crowded investment community, brokerage firms have to differentiate themselves. R.F. Lafferty & Co., Inc., a 60-year-old family firm with a solid client base, wanted to gain more exposure in the traditional markets and reach out to a new, high net-worth... - September 24, 2009

Pisarkiewicz Mazur & Co Remodels CN Renovation with a Complete Rebranding Campaign

Picture this: You are a thriving construction and renovation company specializing in high-end Manhattan residences. Despite your success, however, you still want to expand your client base, but you are having problems getting past the gatekeepers of potential new clients. The solution: you use a... - April 16, 2009

PM & CO Welcomes New Senior Designer

Pisarkiewicz Mazur & Co welcomes Saundra Marcel as its new Senior Designer. Saundra moved to New York less than a year ago from Dayton, Ohio, where she was a member of the senior-level leadership team at Real Art Design Group, Inc., practicing design, art direction, and project management. - April 04, 2009

Pisarkiewicz Mazur & Co Named to Nation's Top Business List

Pisarkiewicz Mazur & Co Named to Nation’s Top Business List for 2009. On February 24, 2009, in recognition of the economic power of privately held businesses, DiversityBusiness.com, the nation’s leading business-to-business internet site, named Pisarkiewicz Mazur & Co (PM &... - March 13, 2009

Empire Valuation Consultants Experience Excellence with Pisarkiewicz Mazur & Co’s New Brand Position and Marketing Campaign

Today’s volatile economic climate is making it harder than ever for financial service firms to attract new clients and stay competitive in their markets. Empire Valuation Consultants, the Northeast’s leading independent valuation consulting firm, was looking to increase brand... - October 09, 2008

Bold Marketing Campaign Increases Patient Occupancy in Three Key Areas at St. Vincent's Medical Center

St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, CT is widely acclaimed within the medical community for its top-ranked quality of care, especially in the demanding field of cardiac treatment. But their story wasn’t being told effectively. To successfully compete with Yale New Haven and... - July 18, 2008

Staples Presents the ‘True Original’ Business Award to Mary Pisarkiewicz

On January 24th, 2008, Mary Pisarkiewicz, founder and Chief Creative Officer of PM & Co, was honored by Staples with the "True Original" Business Award, which recognizes business leaders making an impact in their local communities. The award, along with a $1,500 gift card, was presented to Mary for the mentoring partnership and successful branding program that she and PM & Co, created for the Greenwich Village Middle School. - February 07, 2008

Pisarkiewicz Mazur & Co Delivers a New Brand for St. Vincent’s Family Birthing Center

The competition begins long before the college application process — even before that first piercing cry signaling the arrival of a newborn. The hospital that wins the privilege of welcoming a child into the protective arms of a parent is often determined by the effectiveness of its marketing... - October 05, 2007

Rebranding Realizes a 32% Increase in Business for Empire Valuation Consultants

When a company’s business is determining the value of diverse assets — “brand value” being one of them — you know it would be highly selective in choosing the company that would add value to its own brand. Empire Valuation Consultants, the Northeast’s leading... - May 31, 2007

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