Reviews the Profile Analyzer (EPA) Tool for Dedicated Microsoft Exchange Sever 2003

Burlington, MA, May 20, 2006 --( Arguably the biggest improvement in Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 is the efficient Public Folder Settings Wizard allowing for seamless system administration. The addition of this new software package is more than welcoming to the tech support team at, a leading exchange hosting company and provider of useful exchange server related news and events,

The new Public Folder Settings Wizard replaces the old dated propagate settings with a new “manage settings” selection from the “All Tasks” menu. The older propagate settings were accessed through the menu commands allowing administrators to copy specified properties of a selected public folder to the subfolders beneath it. Now with the selection of “Manage Settings” once right-clicking an administrator is prompted with an easy to follow wizard system.

The Public Folders Wizard will allow an administrator to choose one of three options; modify client permissions, modify lists of replica servers and overwrite settings – make sure to use the settings of the folder that you selected to overwrite the settings of all of its subfolders.

In addition to the Public Folders Wizard, Service Pack 2 has a plethora of options allowing for easier administrator from the ability to synchronize hierarchy, stopping and resuming public folder content replication, tracking public folder deletions, and the ability to delete public folder stores.

Although these additions found in Service Pack 2 can not create a fool proof system things are getting close. Now with the addition of the Public Folder Settings Wizard, administrators can manage their network users and permissions with much ease and organization reducing the amount of clutter commonly found in network hierarchies.

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