Discover and Invest Launch Land with Planning Permission in Emerging Markets

London, United Kingdom, October 10, 2008 --( In the current marketplace, it is interesting to note that there is a high level of demand for varying pieces of land with planning permission in emerging markets. Why? Well, the demand is coming from two main types of buyers. Firstly, nationals who have emigrated who wish to buy ready to go land back home to build on or to invest in for strategic future purposes. Secondly, an increasing number of corporates are looking for market share in emerging markets and are seeking strategic sites where they can build commercial, alternative energy or logistics operations. Discover and Invest Ltd., the London based investment consultancy, has recently sourced and launched 3 stunning sites which fit this criteria.

The first site is a 40,000 m2 of strategic land in Plazovets, from a stunning, elevated position 600m above and overlooking the Black Sea coastline in Bulgaria. The company's project team on the ground are currently one month away from achieving full planning permissions for a ready-to-go property development project. The site is also extremely suitable for Wind or Solar investment projects, with the change in planning for such a project taking in the region of 4-8 weeks. A 10% deposit required which will be held with 3rd party lawyers until planning is approved. It is also worth noting that VAT is not payable on any land purchases in Bulgaria.

The second site is situated around the Bulgarian capital city, Sofia. This is another elevated, well located site of 5600m2, which offers stunning views of Sofia from the desirable upmarket commuter area of Bistritza. The land is strategic due to the fact it is 10 minutes drive from the new Sofia Business Park, 20 minutes to downtown Sofia, 20 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from Mount Vitosha for winter weekend skiing. The land is suitable for either commercial units, or a high end villa development aimed at the more wealthy city dwellers looking to live near, but not in, the city itself. All the usual amenities exist such as schools and supermarkets, as well as the infrastructure necessary.

Finally, on offer is a rare plot of 980m2 situated in a developed residential area in the commuter zone of Krustova Vada in Greater Sofia. The plot is situated on a built up residential street with all the usual infrastructure and amenities in place. This is a wonderful opportunity to build a large house or small group of townhouses, where the land will be regulated in 2 months with the project team available to complete this if needs be. Again a 10% deposit is required, to be held with lawyers.

So if you are a Bulgarian, or non-national looking for an interesting spot to build or invest in or are commercial firms looking for some options to start operations and gain market share, Discover and Invest Ltd have some unique options for you.

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