Fiorano Software and Grid-Tools Ltd Announce Partnership to Maximise Performance Testing Solutions

Fiorano and Grid-Tools announce a new partnership, integrating Fiorano SOA Platform with Grid-Tools Datamaker, creating a compelling package for test data management

Los Gatos, CA, October 10, 2008 --( Fiorano Software, Inc. ( the world's leading provider of Message-Driven SOA, today announced a partnership with Grid-Tools Ltd (, specialists in test data management, to provide a compelling package for customers to increase profitability and streamline operations by maximizing testing performance.

"Grid-Tools welcome the chance to develop a closer working partnership with Fiorano, as they have a great product and an extremely progressive attitude. We've been looking for a long time for a well structured and robust technology set to control and expand the Datamaker server processes. Fiorano is truly the best of the breed. Also, one can easily see the value in Fiorano SOA. It is an incredibly powerful and flexible tool. We were quickly able to build a set of standard work flows and components that could be used in conjunction with Datamaker, proving a truly exciting new development in data management", said Huw Price, Managing Director at Grid-Tools.

"Our key product, Datamaker, has the ability to generate quality test data from any database platform. Although this type of functionality is highly persuasive, data requirements often involve large volumes of data, or the need to process multiple jobs on a consistent basis. This type of functionality needs to be combined with a powerful and flexible workflow engine. This is where Fiorano provides a compelling solution, and Datamaker and Fiorano SOA together provide an extremely compelling test data management package."

"Our partnership with Grid-Tools is an important landmark in the automated testing business - bringing together test-data management and distributed services. The combination of the technologies, already deployed at several sites including the UK Inland Revenue, dramatically decreases the time taken to create meaningful test data. We see this as a first in many new testing products that will increasingly move towards an SOA from an architectural standpoint", said Atul Saini, President and CEO of Fiorano.

In the current growth-oriented environment, the Fiorano/Grid-Tools partnership helps customers to work together on specific tasks and job flows. Grid-Tools' Datamaker offers Fiorano a new palate object which injects complex and diverse test data into Fiorano work flows. Benefits of utilising the functions of Fiorano SOA combined with Datamaker include lower costs, new revenue opportunities, increased profitability and maximized testing performance.

About Fiorano Software:

Fiorano Software ( headquartered in USA, is the world's leading provider of Message-Driven SOA, enabling organizations to rapidly integrate systems and reap the benefits of Service Oriented Architecture without the time, cost and complexity normally involved with process-driven approaches. Fiorano's technology provides ease of use and flexibility powering a variety of businesses from Medium Enterprises to Global leaders and Fortune 500s such as Boeing, British Telecom, British Petroleum, NASA, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Schlumberger and POSCO among others.

About Grid-Tools Limited:

Grid-Tools are specialists in data creation, test data management and information lifecycle management. Their experienced personnel have been writing and developing solutions for large companies in both the private and public sectors for over 15 years. The Grid-Tools Datamaker Suite includes a wide range of tools for test data management including Datamaker, DataShrink, Data Test Professional and Data Archive. Within a short span of time, Grid-Tools have picked-up significant momentum and an impressive list of well known and respected customers such as the UK National Healthcare Service, British Telecom, Deutsche Bank and Sony. Grid-Tools software is also used within a large UK Government agency.

The Grid-Tools methodology consists of using the "data-centric" approach to testing whereby, their focus is to ensure the quality of the test data being used is of the right quality for successful testing.

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