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Bloomington, IN, October 10, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Parent finds tough love isn’t easy.

Fallen Angel offers hope, encouragement to families struggling with defiant teens.

In Fallen Angel, author Lucinda Esperanza shares the real life 33-year struggle of a loving mother whose son has experienced many different battles in his life including drug addiction, destructive relationships and homelessness. But despite these hardships, Esperanza serves as a source of encouragement for other parents experiencing the same situations with their troubled teens.

Even though writing Fallen Angel was difficult for her, due to reliving the pain with so many of the tough, personal experiences and an ending not what they had hoped for, she is able to offer practical advice in hindsight for the many parents who are dealing with some of these same issues.

From an early age her son, Jason, was a handful and stubborn and Esperanza shares many stories of what her and her husband’s life was like raising Jason from him acting and dressing like Michael Jackson to wanting to be a Ninja warrior with all of the weapons that could cause injury. But that was just the beginning. During his drug experimentation years, he became disrespectful and hateful and continued to push the envelope.

The family was in counseling with Jason from the age of 3 to 18 and it offered them a lifeline and provided sanity for the family’s relationship. But Jason’s troubles continued to mount that lead him on a path of self-destruction including accusing them of child abuse, running away from home and stealing from the family. At a point, Esperanza had resolved herself that her son would die at a very young age. But ultimately, Jason the smart, observant and street-wise man, finds the strength to stop the cycle of drug abuse and clean up his life.

Fallen Angel is a resource for any parent who has lived with or loved someone with an addiction. They will relate to this mother’s retrospective glance back at the challenges she faced as the mother of a son who lost his way.

About the author
Lucinda Esperanza and her husband of forty-three years, are retired and after raising their children, Jason and their daughter, in the state of Washington, they live in Arizona. They enjoy spending time with their daughter’s two children.

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