Marlon Familton Announces Mental Skills Training and Sports Therapy Work for Recreational and Competitive Cyclists, Added to His Private Therapy Practice

Marlon Familton, a Bellevue Washington psychotherapist and long time cycling coach and fitness trainer announces a new service: Sports Therapy and Mental Skills Training for recreational and competitive cyclists and other athletes.

Bellevue, WA, October 11, 2008 --( Marlon Familton, owner of Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling, LLC (Bellevue, WA) and Dynamic Sports Training (Redmond, WA) announces the launch of a Sports Therapy and Mental Skills Training for recreational and competitive cyclists. The service is available as a standalone or as part of cycling coaching packages (

Every year millions of people ride bicycles for recreation and competition. Some hire coaches to help them get more performance out of their equipment and available training time. Like any athlete in any sport, competitive individuals or those looking to improve their fitness are always looking for an edge.

"A rider can have a $5,000 bicycle and pedal all year long, however if they get on a reasonably structured training program, their fitness will improve significantly." Says Marlon Familton. "In addition to customized training plans, I am now able to offer a complete mental skills training program."

Sports Psychology has grown substantially over the years to be found in almost every Olympic and professional sports environment. Many athletes find that they lose the ability to concentrate under the pressure of competition or may start coming down hard on them self for making an error. Mental training skills focus on building mental toughness, improving self-confidence, thinking like a winner, developing imagery tools, and learning effective goal setting strategies.

"More often than not, a rider or athlete defeats them self using poor mental skills." Familton says. "Just like any part of one's conditioning, training the mind to focus, concentrate and be a beneficial part of the performance package versus a negative factor can make all the difference in someone's performance. Using researched and proven techniques along with an effective assessment tool, I am excited to now offer a comprehensive mental skills training program to help my clients build a more complete competitive package."

Marlon Familton runs Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling, LLC in Bellevue Washington. CCFC is a private therapy practice in Bellevue Washington focused on working with individuals, couples and families on relationship issues. To reach Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling, LLC visit

Dynamic Sports Training is a nine year old cycling coaching and training business, also run by Familton. To reach Dynamic Sports Training, visit

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